Vincent Kompany’s referee tirade revealed as he brands official ‘f------ cheat’

Vincent Kompany is shown a red card by referee Darren England at Stamford Bridge

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany repeatedly branded Darren England “a f------ cheat” after the referee had awarded Chelsea a penalty in a fractious clash between the sides last month.

The furious Belgian hurled the insult at England “numerous” times and then again after walking on to the pitch before directing the slur at the referee for a final time as he was shown a red card for his behaviour in the first half of the 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge.

An independent regulatory commission met on April 10 to rule on Kompany’s misconduct charge and now the Football Association has released the written reasons from the hearing after which the Burnley manager was given a two-game touchline ban and £10,000 fine. One of the games is suspended until the end of the year.

Kompany’s shocking tirade comes at a time when the treatment of match officials is in the spotlight after Nottingham Forest questioned the integrity of VAR Stuart Attwell in the wake of their 2-0 defeat at Everton.

James Bell, an assistant referee at Stamford Bridge for the March 30 game, lifted the lid on Kompany’s antics after England awarded Chelsea a penalty following a foul by Burnley’s Lorenz Assignon on Mykhailo Mudryk.

“Following the award of a penalty to Chelsea in the 40th minute the Burnley manager reacted angrily by moving out of his technical area throwing his arms aggressively and shouting at the referee [England],” Bell said.

“As the decision was being checked I attempted to use members of his own technical area staff to calm him down but Mr Kompany persisted to insult the referee by pointing towards him and calling him ‘a f------ cheat’ numerous times.

“Despite the attempts to calm him down Mr Kompany then entered the field of play, briefly, again gesturing towards the referee and shouting ‘you’re a f------ cheat’. I informed the referee that a Stage 2 [red card] sanction was required for the Burnley manager.

“As Darren came over to issue the red card Mr Kompany again said: ‘f------ cheat.’ After his sending off Mr Kompany remained in the technical area for some time causing a delay to the restart of the game before he eventually made his way down the tunnel.”

Kompany admitted his “language and/or behaviour” during the game “was improper and/or abusive and/or insulting towards a match official” as well as questioning the integrity of an official. The former Manchester City defender said he attended the hearing not “to justify his behaviour but to apologise personally.”

His solicitor had said the incident was out of character and that the “red mist had overtaken him” and Burnley also sent a letter in support of their manager citing the “intense pressure” of the club’s relegation battle.

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