Vince Iwuchukwu gives credit to ‘superheroes’ on USC training staff for saving his life

USC Trojans freshman Vince Iwuchukwu suffered cardiac arrest in the summer of 2022 and wondered if he could play basketball again. It was a terrifying situation for everybody, but Iwuchukwu was able to make his debut on January 12 against the Colorado Buffaloes.

In a 10-minute video released by USC Athletics, Iwuchuwu, assistant coach Eric Mobley, and head coach Andy Enfield spoke at great lengths about the day the cardiac arrest happened and the journey from that point on. However, Iwuchukwu made sure to give a massive shoutout to the training staff for everything they did for him.

“I appreciate all the training staff and the coaching staff for doing what they did,” Iwuchukwu said.

He shouted out “JY,” Jon Yonamine, the associate athletic trainer for USC and lead men’s basketball trainer, who resuscitated Iwuchukwu.

“We’ve had a close bond from the whole event happening. I can’t thank them enough for what they did… I mean they’re superheroes. Superheroes save people’s lives and that’s what they did.”

When events like this happen, the training staff and team doctors work even harder to make sure everything is going well, and Iwuchukwu’s seven-month-long journey was a huge testament to the entire staff.

Iwuchukwu is playing basketball again, and none of it would have been possible if it weren’t for the effort of the training staff. It’s a very clear parallel with the Buffalo Bills’ trainers saving Damar Hamlin’s life after he suffered an episode of what is believed to be commotio cordis against the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2.

Three cheers for Jon Yonamine and the rest of the great USC athletics training staff! They truly are superheroes. They proved it when they had to act quickly.


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire