Vince Carter wants to play until he's 43

As Dwyane Wade swaps jerseys and Adam Silver pressures Dirk Nowitzki to retire, there’s been little talk about the end of another aging future Hall of Famer’s career.

Vince Carter has largely escaped retirement buzz like the honorary All-Star treatment Nowitzki and Wade received this year despite the fact that he’s 42 years old.

Part of that is because he hasn’t announced his retirement like Wade. And part of it is that he’s not lumbering up and down the court like Nowitzki.

Vince Carter wants to play 1 more season

He opened up on the topic Thursday, telling ESPN’s PTI that he’s not ready to give the game up.

Vince Carter can still dunk and shoot, so why not run one more? (Getty)
Vince Carter can still dunk and shoot, so why not run one more? (Getty)

"I think I could stretch it out one more," Carter said. "At the end of the year, I usually assess from top to bottom to see how I'm feeling. And obviously opportunity, when the phone call rings and teams show interest, that's a good thing."

And why would he quit? The dunks that made him an icon are obviously fewer and farther between than during his prime.

But he’s still got it when he needs and and is putting on a show off the bench in his 21st season.

Carter’s best 3-point shooting season

He’s carved out a contributing role with the Atlanta Hawks, shooting a career-high 40.6 from 3-point distance to go with 7.1 points and 2.5 rebounds in 16.6 minutes per game.

So if he still wants to play and feels good after the season, he may still provide enough value for a team to give him another look.

"Me personally, I think I could give it another year so why not?”

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