Vince Carter airballs a layup, takes it out on Hassan Whiteside (VIDEOS)

Vince Carter's shooting 60.7 percent at the rim on the season for the Dallas Mavericks, but he shot a bit below that on Tuesday night, hitting 2 of 4 attempts in the Mavs' 110-100 win over the Sacramento Kings. Two of the tries — one a miss, the other a make — were pretty amazing.

First, the agony:

The play-by-play rundown of the game captures this play as "Vince Carter traveling," which is probably OK by Carter. I imagine his attitude toward potential descriptions of him coming up short on a finger-roll, airballing a layup by trying to be Vince "Mr. Fancy Man" Gervinson in the paint, would probably be, "The less said, the better."

To his credit, Carter smiled, clapped, ran down the other end ... and plotted his redemption. Three minutes later, unfortunately for Kings big man Hassan Whiteside, he got it. Hit the jump for the ecstasy.

A little two-man game with Jason Terry, a nice slip of the screen when both Tyreke Evans and Isaiah Thomas rushed the ballhandler, a clear flight path and sweet, sweet deliverance on Whiteside's dome. If you have to airball a finger roll, cramming it on a 7-footer three minutes later isn't a bad way to make up for it.

Carter finished with seven points, seven rebounds, five assists, three blocks and a steal in 28 minutes of work off the Dallas bench in the win.

Videos of Carter's blown finger-roll and bang on Whiteside thanks to our friends at the National Basketball Association. Hat-tip to Yert Kerbsen at The Basketball Jones.

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