Vikings NFL draft class ranks in bottom third of league

The 2023 NFL draft was four weeks ago and we have an average of all the expert’s draft grades. As compiled by Rene Bugner where he ranks them based on grade point average, the Minnesota Vikings ranked 23rd in the National Football League with a GPA of 2.66. That is the equivalent of a C+.

When you look at the grades, that doesn’t seem unfair. The Philadelphia Eagles received no grade lower than an A- across the board and a 4.12 GPA. They had an excellent draft and got the arguable best player in the class at ninth overall.

The Vikings had wide-ranging grades. Eddie Brown of the San Diego Tribune and Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press both gave the Vikings an A with Nate Davis of USA Today (D) and Thor Nystrom of Fantasy Pros (D+) had the Vikings with the lowest grades in the class.

The grades overall weren’t very harsh. Only five graders gave out an F and 15 of the 29 gave out one or more D’s. That is common with draft grades, as none of these players have played a single snap in the National Football League.

You can look at how the draft grades shaped up and the GPA’s for each NFL team here.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire