Vikings gain $13.4 million in salary cap space

The National Football League doesn’t officially set the salary cap for the following season until shortly before the league year starts in March. It usually goes up around 10% each year but it went up significantly more than that for 2024.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the salary cap is going up $30 million to $255.4 million, an increase of nearly 14%. Rapoport states that it is due to money deferred by the players during the COVID pandemic and the massive increase in media rights deals.

Where does that leave the Minnesota Vikings? Well, it’s quite simple. They now gain about $13.4 million in salary cap space from what Over The Cap had projected, which was $242 million. As of now, they will be projected to have around $37,868,132 in cap space. That number could fluctuate a little bit here or there, but it makes thing significantly easier to maneuver in free agency.

This number is set to skyrocket over the next few years and why money pushed out into void years isn’t nearly as big of an issue as you might think.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire