Vikings Film Room: Kirk Cousins & T.J. Hockenson have great chemistry

The Minnesota Vikings made a calculated, long-term risk and investment when they traded a second-round and third-round pick for tight end T.J. Hockenson.

The idea was that investing in a top-tier tight end would be a smarter financial decision than getting a WR2 that is likely paid even more money. Brandin Cooks was the likely choice in that instance but he was owed $18 million next season with his salary fully guaranteed.

In his first four games, Hockenson has 26 receptions for 192 yards and a touchdown on 35 targets, but what is really impressive is how they have built chemistry so quickly.


T.J. Hockenson is all-in with Kirk Cousins

The play itself isn’t anything special but there is the chemistry needed to execute this type of timing route.

It’s a 1X3 set with Hockenson in the middle slot. He runs an out route with a clearout by Jalen Reagor running a go route. While an out route is a simple route, it’s also one that needs great timing and placement to avoid a turnover.

Cousins sees that the nearside boundary corner follows Reagor down the field and throws the ball a step before Hockenson makes his break. This is pivotal to throwing a completion here as the defender doesn’t have the leverage or quickness to make a play on the ball.

This is the type of chemistry you see between a receiver and quarterback after playing for a year or two but Hockenson had only been a member of the Minnesota Vikings for 24 days at this point. A truly impressive feat for the Vikings’ offense.


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Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire