Vikings fans take to Rocky steps for 'Skol' chant ahead of NFC title game in Philly

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(Screenshot: <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/teams/min/" data-ylk="slk:Minnesota Vikings">Minnesota Vikings</a> on Twitter)
(Screenshot: Minnesota Vikings on Twitter)

In advance of Sunday’s NFC championship game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota travel agencies warned fans about the dangers of wearing purple and gold gear in Philly.

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Vikings fans, apparently, not only didn’t heed that advice. They took the slightly provocative step of gathering on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps – better known to many outsiders as the Rocky steps – to perform their “Skol clap” chant:

And they dressed the Rocky statue in a scarf and Vikings towel, which probably made them feel big and bad, almost like vandals:

In reality, the Rocky statue and art museum steps mean more to people outside Philadelphia than they do to Philly natives. They’re tourist attractions more than anything else. But the intent here, to agitate, is pretty clear.

Nonetheless, nothing should come of this. Good for Vikings fans, who clearly aren’t backing down from the supposed (overblown) threat that Eagles fans pose.

As long as they don’t dress up as police horses, they should be fine.

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