Vikings fan gets tattoo of Adam Thielen's face to pay up on Pro Bowl bet

One Minnesota Vikings fan had to pay up on a bet four years in the making. Jonny Christensen walked out of a tattoo parlor Wednesday with some new ink featuring Adam Thielen’s face after Christensen made a bet with Thielen a long time ago.

The whole thing apparently started at Vikings training camp during Thielen’s rookie year. Christensen, who is a friend of Thielen’s according to Reddit, told Thielen he would get a tattoo of Thielen if Thielen ever made the Pro Bowl.

Fast forward a couple years, and that’s exactly what happened. Thielen made the Pro Bowl in both 2017 and 2018. Following that 2018 appearance, Christensen mentioned the bet on his Instagram page.

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He finally paid up on that bet Wednesday. While Christensen hasn’t posted the tattoo on his Instagram just yet, the artist who made it, Scotty Munster of Olde Town Tattoo in Minnesota, shared it on his personal page.

If you’re going to get a tattoo of someone else’s face on your body, it has to look good and be accurate. The above tattoo passes the test there. Kudos to Munster for pulling off the design. And kudos to Christensen for actually following through on the bet.

Getting a tattoo of another person’s face is always a risky proposition. This one turned out well, but we’re guessing Christensen might hesitate the next time someone mentions a tattoo as part of a wager.


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