As the Vikings eye their next quarterback, Bo Nix points to his experience

INDIANAPOLIS — Bo Nix drew a line in the sand Friday at the NFL Combine. As most of the top quarterbacks shared which teams they had formal meetings with this week, Nix decided to play his cards close to the vest ahead of the 2024 draft.

“Not going to get into specifics,” he said. “Every meeting I’ve been able to have has been really good.”

Asked what separates him from his peers, Nix opened up a little bit, noting that he feels like his experience gives him the upper hand. Not only does that make Nix the most experienced quarterback at the NFL Combine, it makes him the most experienced quarterback in the history of college football. He started a whopping 61 games while playing for Auburn and Oregon.

“I think repetition is the mother of all skills,” Nix said. “The more you can do something, the better you get.”

He was proof of that throughout his career. After initially committing to Auburn and playing 34 games, Nix transferred to Oregon and went on to play 27 more games. Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he saw the most success last season as he completed 364 of 470 passes for 4,508 yards and 45 touchdowns.

“We were able to be very versatile and get the ball everywhere,” Nix said. “We played under center, shotgun, play action, RPOs, and did it all at a high level.”

All of that should help Nix once he prepares for the next level. He has played in so many different systems at this point that he should be able to assimilate to most situations without much issue, no matter which team ends up taking him in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Asked if he thinks there’s anything else that sets him apart, Nix used it as an opportunity to praise some of the other top quarterbacks. He knows he’s jockeying for position against some some very talented players.

“I think we all could go out there and spin it pretty good and make throws.” he said. “That’s the common thing I think we all share.”

What’s the uncommon thing?

“The intangibles we may possess,” Nix said. “I think I bring those at a really high level.”

As he navigated the formal interviews this week, that was the biggest thing Nix tried to stress to everybody involved.

“Just make sure that they know that you have passion for the sport,” he said. “They want to see how much you love football and how much you are willing to put into it.”

That has never been an issue for Nix. His resume speaks for itself.

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