The Vikings need to draft DL: Purple Daily on Draft

After an 0-2 start, the discussion around the Minnesota Vikings is about the future. Should they start tanking to get a quarterback? Well, that won’t happen, but should a quarterback even be the top priority?

We knew going into the year that the Vikings didn’t have a great defensive line, but it was exposed in a huge way on Thursday night when the Philadelphia Eagles ran for 259 yards on Thursday night.

Do the Vikings need to prioritize the defensive line?? What about the edge rushers? The guys discuss how they would attack both positions.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers played against North Carolina on Saturday which means they got a taste of Drake Maye. How did he look? Is he still the guy to target at the top of the draft?

Plus, who is Tyler Forness 100% out on as a quarterback prospect? All of that and more on Purple Daily on Draft. Join us every Monday afternoon on the Purple Daily YouTube channel.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire