Vikings' big offseason thing: Keep Kirk Cousins or move on?

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz looks at the one big thing for Minnesota's offseason - re-sign their veteran quarterback coming off an Achilles tear or find his replacement in the NFL Draft?

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: It's time to take a look at one big thing facing the Minnesota Vikings this offseason. That big thing is something they're not used to having to actually think about, the quarterback position.

Kirk Cousins, coming off of an Achilles injury, and not a spring chicken. There should be a lot of questions about his effectiveness, his ability to come back from this injury, and how well he'll play. But above and beyond that, are they going to continue to pay him epic money?

See, the problem is Kirk has been very good, and, in fact, admitted it took him a minute to learn this offense to be the best version of himself. Once he got there, he was putting up incredible video game-like numbers for much of the season. So if you're the Vikings, you can get production. Can you get a Super Bowl? Who knows at this point?

And so do you press the reset button? They're in the unenviable position-- maybe-- of picking high enough in the draft that they could face temptation, not from one of the top three quarterbacks but from the fourth or fifth best quarterback.

If the organization falls in love with a JJ McCarthy or a Bo Nix or a Michael Penix Jr, somebody like that could be right there for the taking. Will the Vikings make that move? Are the Vikings convinced that they have what they need moving forward? And, even more importantly, how will Justin Jefferson feel about whatever they decide to do?

This is the drama around the quarterback position that you don't have to worry about when your quarterback is good enough. For Kirk, he's been good enough several years for the Vikings to be comfortable. This offseason, the one big thing they'll have to figure out is if everybody involved is comfortable running it back one more time.