Vikings 2024 NFL draft scouting report: Texas WR Xavier Worthy

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This series will be your guide to the 2024 draft class. From scouting reports to mock drafts and exploring different scenarios, we will be covering the NFL draft and the future of the Minnesota Vikings from all angles.

The focus of the draft class in this space will be on the Vikings’ major needs at quarterback, running back, defensive line and edge rusher. We will also focus on wide receiver since it’s a loaded class and an increased chance to get a Stefon Diggs-type steal in the later rounds.

The Vikings are slated to have 9 picks going into the NFL draft and they need to make the most out of them.


USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Xavier Worthy

  • Texas

  • Height-6010

  • Weight-172 lbs

  • Third-year Junior

  • 4-Star recruit at cornerback per 247 Sports

  • Stats: 335 targets, 196 receptions, 2,752 yards, 14.0 YPR, 25 touchdowns, 7 rush, 68 yards, 1 touchdown

  • Games watched: Alabama 2023, Oklahoma 2023, Wyoming 2023, BYU 2023


Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

First things first is that Worthy is a burner. He has speed close to a Tyreek Hill level. Worthy draws a lot of attention whenever he runs deep, seeing double coverage consistently.

When going deep, Worthy does a great job tracking the football. Against Alabama, he displayed excellent tracking both over the shoulder like Willie Mays and in standard situations.

His explosiveness helps his route running but it’s not all speed. Worthy shows some real nuance to his game able to make breaks at full speed and drop his hips to create separation on out and dig routes. He can also stop on a dime with deep curls.

Is dangerous with the ball in his hands. There will be some discussion about Worthy being in the Tyreek Hill/Jaylen Waddle tier and he has a little bit of that in his game.


USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Let’s not beat around the bush. Worthy is incredibly slight. He isn’t just skinny for being 6010 but there isn’t much mass on his frame and it significantly impacts his play strength. Can he add enough mass to his frame without it being a detrement to his speed?

Worthy doesn’t have the most reliable hands. He has way too many both drops and issues bringing in semi-tough catches that hit his hands which don’t get classified as official drops. He only has 15 recorded drops on 335 targets but there are more issues than just that.

For a deep ball receiver, contested catches are not his thing. Only 15 catches on 44 attempts with five in each of his three seasons. He doesn’t have the requisite play strength to win physically as the catch point.


USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports





Route Running




Contested Catches




Body Control


YAC Ability





84.8/100 Second Round

There is a lot of good with Worthy but the negatives could be the biggest factor in whether he succeeds or not. It doens’t matter how much separation you get if catching the ball is a major issue. There will be a team who thinks Worthy can be impactful in a similar way to Tyreek Hill and I don’t know if that’s a bet I’m willing to make at the end of round one, early round two.

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