Vikings 2024 NFL draft scouting report: South Carolina QB Spencer Rattler

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This series will be your guide to the 2024 draft class. From scouting reports to mock drafts and exploring different scenarios, we will be covering the NFL draft and the future of the Minnesota Vikings from all angles.

The focus of the draft class in this space will be on the Vikings’ major needs at quarterback, running back, defensive line and edge rusher. We will also focus on wide receiver since it’s a loaded class and an increased chance to get a Stefon Diggs-type steal in the later rounds.

The Vikings are slated to have 9 picks going into the NFL draft and they need to make the most out of them.


Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports
Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Spencer Rattler

  • South Carolina

  • Transfer from Oklahoma

  • Height-6010

  • Weight-217 lbs

  • Fifth-year senior

  • 5-Star recruit per 247 Sports

  • Stats: 899-of-1,325 (67.8%), 10,810 yards, 77 touchdowns, 32 interceptions, 94 carries, 1,017 yards, 16 touchdowns

  • Games watched: Clemson 2023, Georgia 2023, North Carolina 2023


Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports
Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Rattler is a player that is mostly traits. The ball pops out of his hand quickly and with excellent velocity. He can make any throw from any platform and has the arm arrogance to know he can make them. When Rattler is set, he throws with nice anticipation and timing.

With the ability to make any throw, Rattler’s arm strength stands out in a major way. He can fire the ball on a rope without using his lower half at all.

Is a fluid athlete. Can flip his hips at a moment’s notice to throw across his body. Can also take advantage of rushing opportunities. Gashes defenses when holes open up.


Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports Kentucky
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports Kentucky

Pocket presence has improved but it’s not a major asset for Rattler. He allows the pressure to impact him too often and doesn’t sense it all that well. Tries to scramble and panics under duress when he could slide or climb in the pocket. Has a career 20.3% pressure-to-sack rate

Footwork is inconsistent. Feels like Rattler knows he can make any throw from any position and he doesn’t get his base set or keep his feet in a rhythm.

Despite the arm talent, Rattler puts the ball in harms way far too often. Had 11 big-time throws and turnover-worthy plays in 2023 and 67 BTTs and 53 TWPs in his career. Coaches will likely look back at 2020 when he had 32 BTTs to just 12 TWPs and looked like the top quarterback in the 2022 NFL draft class.

He also struggled driving the ball down the field after that 2020 season. His aDOT in 2020 was 10.3 but followed it up with 7.8, 7.6 and 7.5 yard seasons. He did have objectively worse offensive lines at South Carolina but it wasn’t an issue in 2021 with the Sooners.

Rattler mostly uses half-field reads and doesn’t process the entire field. Some of that feels like it can be attributed to the offensive line. Still concerning to not see him work through progressions.


Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Arm Strength






Ball Placement


Throwing Motion




Decision Making


Functional Mobility







75.5/100 Third Round

Rattler is all traits and that will likely get him drafted high. Coaches always think they can fix a player. He needs a lot of work from the ground up in terms of how he processes what he sees and handles pressure. When he throws the ball under control, he’s lights out. Can he grow from being a high-variance quarterback? That remains to be seen, but someone likely takes a chance on him.

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