Your views on Sunday's match

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We asked for your thoughts on Saturday's Premier League game between Manchester City and Arsenal.

Here are some of your responses:

Manchester City fans

Abdullah: Disgraceful. Our decision-making was poor. Haaland was not good enough, we missed Walker's pace and Saliba had our attack in his pocket. The title is in Liverpool's hands, and this season is different to last year. They have the easier games and are in better form. Only two players deserve a 'well done' - that is Gvardiol and Silva. I still believe.

Harmony: Manchester City will do a lot better when Pep learns that Haaland can be substituted if he is not performing well.

Richard: City are just so boring. No intensity or penetration. Still not sure where Lewis was supposed to be playing. Why is the ball played so slowly out from the back every time? I like Rodrigo for the way he tidies up, but he hardly plays a forward pass. We miss Fernandinho for that. Do we practice corners? We never seem to get close to scoring from one.

Pedro: Arsenal's tactics were very clear. They came for a draw, which showed in their low block and constant time-wasting. Saka was non-existent, with Gvardiol having his best game so far. City were dominant but they just couldn't find that final pass.

Arsenal fans

Kyle: Arsenal were too reserved. We should have played Martinelli from the start as Jesus is just too wasteful. We lacked energy and lacked penetrative runs. It was just a lacklustre display.

Rachel: Sometimes the least exciting games are the most important. An almost flawless performance which was disciplined and professional. What a long way this team has come! I feel proud of all of them. They kept their heads and defended like tigers.

Terry: A well deserved draw and considered one point earned instead of two points lost. There were negatives - Raya's distribution was poor and Saka was hardly in the game. However, against a strong City performance, well done to the team. Saliba was outstanding.

Will: Arsenal showed they have the discipline, maturity and strength to control a game against the best team in football. But, without a true number nine, games like this will always be draws and the league will likely remain out of reach.

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