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We asked for your thoughts on Saturday's game between Arsenal and Burnley.

Here are some of your comments:

Arsenal fans

Robert: Like most Arsenal fans, we love our team. The passion, the performance and the enjoyment they bring to us over 90 minutes is great. I personally admire Arteta for what he has brought to our team. The highs, the lows but overall the belief we will be league champions again one day. Viva Mikel!

Leonard: Perseverance is a quality that Arsenal now have. They know they have a team that can win but with a couple of reservations. Kai Havertz is just too wasteful at this level and David Raya is unconvincing with his feet. I do have faith in Mikel, but just hope his belief in some players isn’t misplaced!

David: Not Arsenal’s best side due to injury, but I felt this was a disappointing performance against a bottom of the table side. Once again we showed that we have no bite up front, and lack an out-and-out goalscorer. It is obvious to most sides that all of our goals come from the wings and they set up accordingly. Three points yes, but why such hard work?

Gerald: What a total waste of money Raya and Havertz have been. It is very hard to understand Arteta's thinking. He must be the only person in England that thinks they should be in the team. My other concern is the amount of injuries to key players will be Arsenal's downfall.

Burnley fans

Tony: Vincent Kompany apparently has a plan - unfortunately it seems to entail losing every game. It is incomprehensible that people continue to make excuses for inadequate performances in the hope that good days are around the corner. They are not. Without results now, the better players will leave, the older players move on, and Burnley will be in the lower leagues.

Steven: Another good performance. We are getting better and that will bring results. There's work to do on defending set pieces. Some big games before Christmas. Believe, Burnley fans!

Dave: I have supported Kompany all the way, but his insistence on sticking with James Trafford is costing us dearly. Yes, he is a good shot stopper, but it is far more important to dominate your six-yard area and Trossard's corners put the ball right on top of him. All three goals were down to the lack of physicality from the goalkeeper.

Jean: Burnley are improving each week, and are playing some good football. It just has not shown in the results yet.

Peter: At least we are improving. We have got to defend set pieces properly.