Your views on Rangers win

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We asked for your views on Rangers' victory over St Johnstone

Frazer: Under other circumstances, I wouldn’t have looked at that game and thought it just wasn’t good enough. Yes, still some way to go to find that proper groove but that was a comfortable result. Roofe is a starter every game for me. Lawrence fits well into the team in Cantwell’s absence. Let Beale and the boys keep going and get their foot on the pedal.

Ronnie: 3 points is the only positive. Another poor performance. We look pedestrian & lack creativity. We're not improving, we're going backwards. Lammers looks lost & Lundstram going through the motions. Once again Matondo brightens the day. Lawrence gets pass marks as does Raskin. Yilmaz doesn't have a cross in him. It's hard to see us getting anything v Betis.

Dougie: Solid performance overall, if somewhat pedestrian. Some standout players, Lawrence, Danilo, Butland, Matondo. A settled team would help immensely. Once again a perfectly good goal chopped off...if only there were an overall, all seeing electronic eye that could catch such incidents!

Simon: The Tom Lawrence performance sounded on the radio to be up to the Rangers standard. In terms of Brian Clough's spine of the team mantra, we 'just' need a 25 goal a season striker.