Your views on Hibs' summer transfer plans

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With several Hibs players' contracts expiring in the summer, we asked you which of them you would like to see stay at Easter Road.

Here's what you had to say:

Michael: In all honesty there are not many I would keep at Hibs. Maolida and Marcondes get pass marks for loan signings I’d like to keep. I think there are better centre-halves out there than Fish and Triantis. The squad needs a desperate clear-out and to start afresh next season. A solid structure is well needed.

Darren: I'd keep Obita, Welsh, Marcondes and Maolida. I genuinely think the rest are replaceable. I know players have contracts but I’d be putting the rest on the transfer list. We need a better standard of player than we currently have and unfortunately I have little or no faith in the people tasked with player recruitment.

Lindsay: Disappointing season where our defensive play has not been effective, but even if I am wary to isolate individuals, there needs to be personnel changes at the back. We all too often lose a critical passing move coming out from the back. I would dispense with Marshall, Hanlon, Levitt, Tavares, Stevenson and coach Youan on the tracking and marking side.

Lewis: Marshall, bye. Maolida, stay. Marcondes, stay. Moriah-Welsh, stay. Paul Hanlon, bye.

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