Viewers charmed as adorable dog gatecrashes weather forecast

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TV viewers were thrilled when a Florida weatherman’s dog crashed his forecast looking for snacks.

Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto was broadcasting from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, but his pet pooch Brody seemed determined to make things tricky.

As Dellegatto tried to update viewers on whether it was going to be wet or windy, the dog padded in and started sniffing around for treats.

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The amused weatherman informed watchers that his usual maps wouldn’t be moving as the dog had “whacked the computer with his head”, so said he would instead read out the forecast.

“That wasn’t very smart!” he told his dog, who started trying to climb into his lap.

Things took a hilarious turn when Brody started to peer out of the window, apparently looking for a crew member.

“Oh boy! Oh boy!” laughed Dellegatto, who has a framed photo of his pet on his desk.

He explained: ″Craig [crew member] is hidden on the outside on the porch, and he has got a blanket up so the reflection doesn’t get in the room here.

“Now he [Brody] can’t see Craig, so he’s going crazy trying to find him behind the blanket.”

Screengrab of Paul Dellegatto weather forecast
Screengrab of Paul Dellegatto weather forecast

People tuning in loved seeing Brody take part and are now calling for dogs to be a permanent part of weather forecasts.

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“I hope weather forecasts stay this way after lockdown, people in their living room with dogs featuring,” said one person on Twitter, while another joked that the segment deserved a “Pawlitzer Prize”.

“If we don’t come out of this with pet-featured forecasts, what are we even doing?” asked another person.

“100% serious, this sort of thing is the absolute best part of the quarantine and something I'm going to miss when things go back to normal,” another person tweeted.

“I want to see my co-workers having to shoo their cats of their laptops and weather people pet their dogs.”

The video even caught the attention of Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who said “dogs photobombing the weather report” was a lockdown highlight.

“Thanks. Now my daughter thinks I’m the coolest dad on the planet,” Dellegatto responded.