Women’s NCAA Tournament - Miami takes down top seed Indiana in second round

Yahoo Sports women’s college basketball writer Cassandra Negley recaps #8 Miami's upset over #1 Indiana, sealing their place in their first Sweet 16 since 1992.

Video Transcript


CASSANDRA NEGLEY: This is Cassandra Negley with Yahoo Sports. And down goes another number one seed in the Women's NCAA Tournament. This time, it was number-one seed Indiana that fell to number nine Miami.

Miami controlled this all the way throughout the game. They did not give up the lead. Now, Indiana tied it late in the last minute or two of this one, was back and fourth, and extremely close. It was Destiny Harden that hit the game-winning shot, and Miami stole the ball at the end to seal the win.

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It's the first time since 1998 that two number-one seeds are out before the Sweet 16. Of course, number-one seed Stanford lost to Ole Miss the day prior, that's the only year it happened was in 1998. And for Miami, it is the first time they're in the Sweet 16 since 1992. Yes, 1992 is before these players were born.

Miami's defense was able to limit Indiana, kept them below their 81-points per game average, kept their field-goal clip below their 50% average, and did not let them hit as many 3's as they might have liked. Miami won on the boards, hit eight 3's themselves, and they went 18 of 25 from the free throw line.

Destiny Harden scored 18 points. Lola Pendande hit 19 points, and Jasmyne Roberts had 16 to lead Miami. Haley Cavinder had nine, she hit some big shots late in the game that kept Miami in it. For more from the NCAA Women's Tournament, stay here with Yahoo Sports.