Are upsets on the horizon for the College Football Playoff?

Now that the matchups are set, Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz discusses Alabama vs. Michigan, Texas vs. Washington, and predicts who will make this season’s college football championship game.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: The College Football Playoff Committee has spoken. The Final Four is set. And that means we've got playoff matchups. You've got number 1 Michigan taking on number 4 Alabama at the Rose Bowl. Going to be epic. And then you have number 2 Washington taking on number 3 Texas. That's going to be at the Sugar Bowl. So the question is, who's going to win? Never too early to make predictions.

If you ask me, the Rose Bowl matchup looks like an upset in the making. Yeah, Alabama is a team that I've left for dead, I think, a hundred times this year. But let's be real. The way Jalen Milroe is playing right now is absolutely lights out. Now, you could look at his completion percentage. But I'll argue that that's in part because he's pushing the ball down the field, which forces you to defend him differently. If Georgia couldn't figure out how to stop him, who can?

In the beginning of the SEC championship game, they had a couple of guys spying him. That didn't work. So they sent everybody. That also didn't work. You're talking about a young man that is a different quarterback than he was early in the season and creates matchup nightmares I'm not sure we've seen since Cam Newton. Michigan's going to have to figure out how to write their offense, which hasn't looked right for weeks. And they're going to have to be able to put up points against an Alabama defense that's underrated. I think the Tide roll in to the national championship.

So the question is, who do they face? And the next matchup is really interesting to me because we've slept on Washington all year. I slept on them a week ago when I thought Oregon would be the team we'd be talking about in the playoffs. But realistically, Washington showed us yet again a movement towards balance. They ran the ball really well. Michael Penix, Jr., plays efficiently and dynamically all at the same time. And their defense played well against Oregon right in the biggest matchup they could ask for.

So they take on Texas, who I think might be the hottest team in the country right now. Quinn Ewers is playing so well, we've forgotten that Arch Manning is even on that roster. Think about that. They've got dynamic weapons on the outside. They've got a defense that swarms. I think Texas actually wins this matchup, setting up an epic national championship matchup between Alabama and Texas, a rematch from the game earlier this year, a rematch from a classic national championship, and the sort of game everyone will flock to.