Texas wins Big 12 title, makes CFP case

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz reacts to the Longhorns winning the Big 12 Championship game and discusses whether or not Texas impressed enough to make the College Football Playoff.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: Texas's last game as a member of the Big 12 is one the rest of the conference will never forget. And on a weekend where style points make statements, the statement made by Texas was, we belong in the college football playoff. Individually, Quinn Ewers goes off 354 yards and four touchdowns in the first half alone. And this game was over early. But Texas kept the foot on the gas. Why? Because they understand they need to come out with a statement.

In a world where we look at conference champions and ask who belongs in the playoff, the question right now isn't just most deserving, it's also best. And Texas wants to make sure they make a statement that not only as a conference champion are they deserving but also as a team. They are one of the four best. And it's hard to argue that. I realize there's one loss on the record. But let's remember that game. Let's remember the rivalry against Oklahoma. And remember the fact that with a minute, 15 to go, Texas had that lead. They blew that opportunity.

There's no mincing words on that. But realistically, is that one minute of the season more important than everything else we've seen? That's what the committee has to figure out. Because when you talk about complete football teams, when you talk about teams that have the defense, that have the line play, that have the corners, that have the weapons that have the quarterback, Texas has everything. And right now on a neutral field, it would be hard to argue that Texas wouldn't be favored against a team like Florida State.

That's why this was such a statement win. Because Texas wasn't just out to win the Big 12 on their way out the door. They weren't just out to show the future of college football that they are back and that they are going to be competitive in the SEC. They were out to show right now the college football world that they belong in the playoff conversation. And by god, Texas did that.