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Shorthanded Ravens make magic when it counts to beat Browns

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  • Baltimore Ravens
    Baltimore Ravens

Despite being intercepted four times, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens edged out the Browns to snag the No.1 seed in the AFC, the Patriots are getting hot at the right time and currently own the No.2 seed in the AFC, Leonard Fournette scored four touchdowns in the Bucs’ come-from-behind win over Colts, Joe Buck throws shade on Aaron Rodgers while calling the Packers win over the Rams, nobody was harmed in the rematch of Pistons vs. Lakers following their bloody brawl a week ago and USC woos Lincoln Riley away from Oklahoma to be the Trojans’ next head football coach. Plus, what were the ingredients in the injection Aaron Rodgers received to relieve his toe pain?

Video Transcript

- --made the big play of this drive. Now third and 10. Whole bunch of Browns coming after him. Jackson trying to keep it alive, put it up for grabs, and it's a touchdown! Andrews!

LIZ LOZA: After their win over the Browns on Sunday night, the Ravens are your number 1 seed in the AFC with the Patriots right behind at the number 2 seed.

- Say what now?

LIZ LOZA: After beating the Titans on Sunday, the Patriots are 7 and 4, and it's a big deal. After finishing last season with a losing record and starting this season off at 2 and 4, it looks like Bill Belichick and rookie quarterback Mac Jones are finally getting it together.

- Pass hauled in. Bourne redirects to the outside, still going! Kendrick Bourne breaks away!

LIZ LOZA: Pats fans are probably feeling good about their team for the first time since Tom Brady set sail for Tampa, where he's still balling out with the Bucs. In Tampa's comeback win over the Colts, Gronk logged 123 yards, and Leonard Fournette scored four touchdowns.

- Fournette goes for the end zone, and he's in!

LIZ LOZA: Fourscore Lenny. Got to love it. Oh, you know what else I enjoy?

- being shady!

LIZ LOZA: Check out Joe Buck giving a masterclass in shade throwing at Aaron Rodgers.

- Today, he took a pain killing injection pregame where he said he can only feel nine toes, and he told us his play will not be limited.

- So Aaron is telling us that he's had that toe immunized.

LIZ LOZA: Yeah, that was pretty satisfying. I'd also be curious to know if Aaron did his own research on all of the ingredients that were injected into his body to numb that toe. Whatever was in there though, it did the trick because the Packers are 9 and 3 after rolling the Rams in Green Bay.

- --Dillon. Touchdown, Packers.

LIZ LOZA: Man, the Rams are on a downward spiral, having lost three straight games. But elsewhere on the LA football scene, things are looking up. USC is hiring Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley as its next head coach. This dude has won 85% of his games during his five years at Oklahoma but will have his work cut out for him in Los Angeles as the Trojans are riding the struggle bus at 4 and 7 this season. It's only a matter of time before Riley is rubbing elbows with celebrity Trojan fans and sitting courtside at Lakers games, right?

Sometimes those courtside seats come with the added value of a boxing match like last week's bloody brawl between the Lakers and the Pistons in Detroit. Thankfully, Sunday night's rematch between the two teams was violence-free. Well, except for the bruised ego of the Pistons, who are the second worst team in the league with just four wins. You know, between the Pistons and the Lions, Detroit fans need a frickin' Hanukkah miracle to get a win.