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The Rush: MLB implements lockout and Boston bites back at Tom Brady

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Major League Baseball implements a lockout, forcing the league’s first work stoppage in 26 years, Mets fans can thank the lockout for landing Max Scherzer and Taysom Hill will be the Saints starting quarterback against the Cowboys on TNF… and he’s got millions of reasons to perform well. Plus, Rover reveals its top pet names of 2021 and you’ll be surprised by football’s top-trending name!

Video Transcript

MAX SCHERZER: If that's a scenario, you've got to-- you have to make a-- you know, a calculation for that in-- in how you want to take free agency down. And so obviously, you want to be able to go out there-- you know, for teams, you want to sign here before-- before to remove that risk of that if the lockout were to go, you know, deep into the off season again, that there-- that the free agency would be limited.


JARED QUAY: After months of failed negotiations, the collective bargaining agreement between the MLB and the players union expired this morning without a new one to replace it.

- Swing and a miss.

JARED QUAY: Yesterday, with 12 hours left before the deadline, reports are that the two sides have met for seven minutes before calling it quits.

- Seven minutes.

JARED QUAY: Seven minutes? They were like, "If we can't work this out in the same amount of time it takes Adele to sing Love is a Game, it's over." This is the ninth stoppage in MLB history. And during the lockout, free agency signings and trades are halted.

In a sick twist of fate, we actually have the rich and stingy owners to thank for the most exciting free agency period ever. I mean, they throwing money everywhere fast and quick in a hurry. Teams have pledged $1.6 billion to players during this free agency just to be like, "Nah, don't bother coming to work."

- It just don't make no damn sense.

JARED QUAY: Want to know who's the most worried of everybody, though? Mets fans. But could there be anything more on brand than the baseball season not happening just after your team signs Max Scherzer? Now that right there is peak Mets.

- Let's go, Mets.

JARED QUAY: The NFL's CBA isn't up until 2030. So we've got about eight years before we worry about a lockout. Maybe by then, Tom Brady will think about retiring.

- I seriously doubt that.

JARED QUAY: I'm pretty pumped for tonight's match-up between the Saints and Cowboys.

- Why? Why is that?

JARED QUAY: Because the Cowboys have their three top receivers back in the lineup for the first time since week one. No wonder their offense has been struggling. Plus, Mike McCarthy and a few other coaches are out with COVID. So it's going to be pretty wild on that Cowboys' sideline.

- Chaos.

JARED QUAY: Plus, word is the Saints are starting Taysom Hill at quarterback. And you just know he's going to be doing the most now that he has millions of dollars tied up in incentives based on him being the starting quarterback. Usually, starting quarterbacks are the most popular people in sports, but not in the dog world. Rover, the pet care services company, runs an annual survey. And I want you at home to guess the top inspired football name that people are giving their dogs.


I ain't giving you 30 seconds because you're never going to guess it anyway. DK was the top football-inspired dog name of 2021. Obviously, people named their pets DK before the Seahawks totally imploded this year. Mahomes and Kittle, though, are on the rise. Hey, Kittle, come here. Come here, boy. Kittle, you're so cute.

The best finding in the survey, though, is that Bostonians are petty as [BLEEP]. Tom Brady gave you guys six Super Bowl championships, and now you don't want to name your dog after the guy, huh? Talk about ungrateful. Yo, that's the opposite of what dogs are about because dogs are the most loyal creatures ever. Boston, y'all don't deserve dogs.