The Rush: Aces bring the party to USA Basketball, LeBron cracks up at Lakers Media Day

After a slow start by both teams, the Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants 23-16 on Monday Night Football, the NFL has decided to end the Pro Bowl in favor of a week of skills competitions and flag football, NBA Media Day saw Patrick Beverley deliver the most Pat Bev response to a question about LeBron James, and the US Women’s National Basketball team broke a FIBA Women’s World Cup scoring record, with help being flown in directly from Las Vegas.

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: The Pro Bowl as we know it is dead.

- Deader than the cat I'm sitting on.

JARED QUAY: The NFL is punting on the Pro Bowl in favor of a week of skill-based competitions, and a game of flag football in Las Vegas.

- You cannot be serious!

JARED QUAY: The NFL is serious. The Pro Bowl was a boring mess anyways and it seemed like players, coaches, and GMs want this new direction. In theory, it should greatly reduce the risk of injuries. Though having offensive linemen running around for a game of flag football after a week of partying hard in Sin City sounds kind of dangerous to me.

- What could possibly go wrong?

JARED QUAY: The NBA season is right around the corner and media day came out swinging. There were plenty of shenanigans, shade, and important questions being asked. But my favorite has got to be the newest Laker, Patrick Beverley, giving the most Pat Bev response to a question about LeBron.

- I asked Pat Bev, what's his favorite LeBron highlight over the last 20? This fool, he go say, the block I had on Bron.

LEBRON JAMES: Yo, yo, man. What's wrong with Pat, man?

JARED QUAY: You know the Lakers will be a mess this season, and I for one cannot wait. And while we're waiting for the start of the NBA season, Team USA was busy breaking records. The US Women's National Basketball team destroyed South Korea during a group stage game of the FIBA Women's World Cup. And when I say destroyed, I mean--

- Total annihilation.

JARED QUAY: Team USA broke the FIBA Women's World Cup record for points scored in a game in the 145-69 rout. Whoo, that's an ass whooping. When you get recently crowned WNBA champions A'ja Wilson, Kelsey Plum, and Chelsea Gray on the roster, record-breaking scores are kind of inevitable.

The Aces players were late to the tournament after being busy on a championship bender in Sin City, only to show up and drop 145 points? I don't know about you, but maybe partying hard is the recipe for success. At least for this team.

I mean, every time you see the women whipping butt out there, they be out there twerking in the locker room and drinking and partying. At the end of the day, they need to go straight from the club to the game. Don't warm up, just go out there and take a shot of tequila.