Heidi Klum Impressed by Industrial Designs on 'Project Runway'

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On Thursday's Project Runway, the designers were challenged with using automotive parts to create avant garde fashion pieces. Given the permission to make strange clothes, the designers went all out and Heidi Klum loved it.

Klum was impressed by Rik's dress that had floor tiles attached to it. She said she could see it being worn on a red carpet. Klum added, "I don't think people would put you on the 'Don't' page because you have a bunch of tiles on your dress."

Roberi designed a dress with sashes of metal that looked reminiscent of Robocop. Klum reveled, "It is super sexy in a weird, futuristic, sculptural kind of a way."

Erin designed a dress that was inspired by paper doll dresses but was constructed with a see-through metal grate. The judges fawned over her design and she won the challenge. Klum said about the designer's creations, "I just really, really loved the show today."

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