Patrick Mahomes makes magic and NFL history in Chiefs win over Bucs I The Rush

Patrick Mahomes hit an NFL milestone en route to the Chiefs’ decisive win over the Buccaneers in Tampa, the Bills stunned the Ravens in Baltimore, Cooper Rush made Cowboys history, DK Metcalf was carted off the field for a surprising reason, J.J. Watt played after revealing a major health scare, the Patriots’ third-string quarterback Bailey Zappe took on Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field, and the Jets vs. Steelers game yielded an unexpected showdown between young quarterbacks Zach Wilson and Kenny Pickett. Plus, Albert Pujols continues to write a Hollywood ending to his incredible MLB career.

Video Transcript


- Whoo.

MINTY BETS: Patrick Mahomes showed up in Tampa on Sunday night and made a mockery of the Bucs. Mahomes' magic was on full display in the Chiefs win over the Bucs. I mean, who does that? In his 67th NFL game, Mahomes hit the 20,000 career passing yards mark, reaching that milestone in the fewest games in NFL history. As the kids like to say, game recognize game.

Things were bat [BLEEPS] crazy in Baltimore where the Ravens had a 17 point lead over the Bills, and then proceeded to lose the game. If you recall, the Ravens relinquished a 21 point lead to the Dolphins in a week two loss.

- It's a new trend.

MINTY BETS: Trending up is Cooper Rush, who became the first quarterback in Cowboys history to win his first four starts with the Dallas' win over the Commanders.

- Mazel tov.

MINTY BETS: And then, there was DK Metcalf needing a cart ride off the field so he could make it to the toilet without well, you know.

STEVE CARELL: Crap his pants.

MINTY BETS: I'm telling you, this NFL season gets wilder every week.

- I'm exhausted.

MINTY BETS: A day after the NFL and Players Association announced that they are going to change the concussion protocols, JJ Watt drops this nugget on Twitter, stating that he experienced a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, had his heart shocked back into rhythm on Thursday, and that he was still going to play on Sunday.

- How? How?

MINTY BETS: Thankfully, JJ appeared to be OK through the duration of the Cardinals' win over the Panthers. But not everyone escaped Sunday unscathed. With Mac Jones out due to injury, Brian Hoyer started at quarterback for the Patriots in their game against the Packers. Until he was ruled out with a head injury in the first quarter. Enter Bailey Zappe.

- Who?

- Who?

- Bailey Zappe, the rookie out of Western Kentucky. Dude nearly won his NFL debut at Lambeau Field no less. But a Mason Crosby game winner in overtime got in the way.

DWAYNE JOHNSON: Better luck next time.

MINTY BETS: Sunday also gave us a Zach Wilson Kenny Pickett showdown. It was a match-up we never wanted, but actually turned out to be pretty entertaining, with the Jets gutting out a 24 to 20 win over the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Elsewhere in the sports world, the old guard was lighting up the scoreboard. 42-year-old Albert Pujols is busy writing himself a Hollywood ending to wrap his baseball career.

In his last regular season at bat at Busch Stadium, Pujols hit his 702nd career home run, tying Babe Ruth for second all time on the career RBI list with 2,214. What a fitting bookend for Pujols, who hit a home run in his very first career at bat in St. Louis back in 2001.

- There's no crying in baseball.

MINTY BETS: Yes. Yes, there is.