NCAA Tournament - Epic performances from the Elite Eight

Yahoo Sports college basketball writer Krysten Peek recaps the top moments from the regional finals of the men's NCAA tournament - including Florida Atlantic's cinderella run continuing and a perfect night from Miami's Jordan Miller.

Video Transcript


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Let's take a look at some of the epic performances from this week. Florida Atlantic continued its Cinderella run through this year's tournament with wins over Tennessee and Kansas State to claim the East Region. The Owls, despite having never won an NCAA tournament game before this year's big dance, are now going to their first Final Four. It's also an incredible turnaround for head coach Dusty Maye, who admitted that he wanted to back out of the job just hours after signing his contract in March of 2018.

And only 50 miles south of FAU's campus, they're also celebrating in Miami, as the Hurricanes are going to their first-ever Final Four after losing to the Elite Eight last season. The 'Canes were led by Jordan Miller, who was a perfect 7-7 from the floor and 13-13 from the free throw line, becoming just the second player ever to go a combined 20-20 shooting in an NCAA tournament game. The other, another March legend, Duke's Christian Laettner.

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