How the lowly Pistons are giving ‘Trust The Process’ vibes | No Cap Room

Yahoo Sports NBA writers Jake Fischer and Dan Devine discuss how Detroit’s woeful skid — now at a 16-game losing streak — has the team on pace to reach a historic low. Hear the full conversation on “No Cap Room” - part of the “Ball Don’t Lie” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


JAKE FISCHER: I hate to be the grim reaper of early young season with a team that had some expectations but it's a mess right now, at least on the court. And there's definitely a lot of whispers about tensions behind the scenes within the franchise as well. Right now it's really hard for the Pistons to get into a flow of steady offense. And they got stomped by the Wizards. That was the Super Bowl of the bottom of the standings this past week.

There's just been a lot of talk about the Pistons maybe potentially to struggle winning a game for the rest of 2023. Not the '23/'24 season but all of December. Look, I was on the ground floor, I was up there close and personal for all the sixers process years. And it's starting to give me that type of nadir energy where you know you're at rock bottom, it can't get any worse than this.

It truly can't. I mean, they're pushing historic levels of losing streaks here. So I am curious to get a sense of them in person, I have not seen them play yet this year. I actually have not ever seen Cam Cunningham play live. And I was excited for this season because he was apparently far and away the best player of the USA Select team that was scrimmaging against the senior team, if you will, that went to Manila.

There was a lot of talk from people who were in that gym that maybe there he was the best player on the floor in games that included Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Haliburton and Jalen Brunson and guys like that who were definitely on the rise. And he's having a great year. But it's so hard for him to find easy looks. It's hard for anyone there to find easy looks.

So anything else you want to say about Vinnie Goodwill's Detroit Pistons fan?

DAN DEVINE: First, yeah. I envy Vinnie in a lot of ways. His sneaker collection, the wonderful setup that he's got there, I do not envy that his local is the Pistons. That's tough. It's a tough hang. The longest in-season losing streak in NBA history, 26 games shared by those process era sixers in 2014 and the Cleveland Cavaliers post LeBron leaving the first time in 2010.

So there's many sources of concern and the construction. The way that Detroit Troy Weaver has put together the roster. The way that Monty Williams is managing that roster, balancing toughness and offense. And how do you navigate all of that? There's a lot to figure out.