Love’s comeback effort in wake of Rodgers injury falls short as Eagles beat Packers I The Rush

Jordan Love’s valiant comeback effort in the wake of an Aaron Rodgers oblique injury fell short against the Eagles, Mike White showed the Jets he should be the full time starting QB with his performance against the Bears and Broncos QB Russell Wilson was yelled at by a teammate as his poor play continued against the Panthers. PLUS: There were a lot of weird moments from the weekend including big hats, skunks, brawling mascots and a cat sporting a speedo.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers left Sunday night's game against the Eagles in the third quarter with an oblique injury. That cued up Jordan Love, who came in and threw a touchdown to cut Philly's lead to 7 points. Love actually looked fantastic, completing 6 of 9 passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. But unfortunately, for Green Bay, the Packers couldn't stop a nosebleed or the Eagles, because Philly rushed for 363 yards to secure the 40-33 victory and a 10-1 record.

- Now, that's very nice, that's very nice.

MINTY BETS: Jets quarterback Zach Wilson was benched on Sunday and he may never get his starting job back.

- Tell me why.

MINTY BETS: Because backup quarterback Mike White lit up the Bears. He threw for three touchdowns, 315 yards, and finished with a 149 quarterback rating.

- Holy moly.

MINTY BETS: And it led to a 31-10 win over Chicago. Some might feel bad for Zach, especially since he looked like he hid his emo phase while watching Mike almost match his season touchdown total in one game. But failing to take any responsibility for last week's debacle against New England most definitely lost Zach some respect from his teammates. Meanwhile, it looks like Mr. White already has the locker room in his pocket after that performance. Speaking of poor quarterback play and losing the locker room, Russell Wilson has struggled this season.

- That's putting it mildly.

MINTY BETS: OK, he's been downright bad. And Sunday's game against the Panthers was more of the same, as Wilson could only muster 142 yards through the air and a lone touchdown in the 23-10 loss to Carolina. And the guy who's gained the nickname Danger Russ is quickly losing the patience of his teammates. It's getting so bad that someone on Twitter has started tracking Wilson's touchdowns this season, compared to the number of toilets in his house, which is 12. And Russ might be in danger of falling under his toilet total. You know it's bad when we're using phrases like toilet total to compare NFL stats.

- Smells like poop.

MINTY BETS: The sports world was so freaking weird this weekend. How weird, you ask.

There was a skunk in the stands stinking up the Bucs-Browns game. Honestly, the skunk is probably preparing Cleveland for Deshaun Watson's return. Rams head coach Sean McVay was accidentally decked by his own player on the sideline. Commanders running back Brian Robinson wore an oversized hat, promoting his friend's big hat business. The Jaguars mascot, Jaxson de Ville, wanted to work on his tan and decided to wear a Speedo to Sunday's game against the Ravens.

And Jaxson wasn't the only mascot up to mischief ASU's Sparky and Arizona's Wilbur absolutely went at it during Saturday's Territorial Cup game. I won't lie, Sparky definitely won that fight. And Mascot Fight Club needs to become a thing for me to gamble on. Who do we talk to you about that?