LeBron looks to break the NBA scoring record as the league cashes in I The Rush

LeBron James admitted to being disappointed that the Lakers lost out on the Kyrie Irving sweepstakes, but he’ll be forced to move on quickly with a monumental record on the line. Just 36 points shy of overtaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, James’ historic quest has created a skyrocket in ticket prices for the Lakers’ next two games. Plus, Tom Brady revealed that he won’t start broadcasting NFL games on Fox until the fall of 2024… and The Rush has a theory why. Spoiler alert… it involves thirst traps!

Video Transcript

LEBRON JAMES: Well, I'm definitely disappointed. I can't sit here and say I'm not disappointed on not being able to land such a talent. But someone that I had great chemistry with, and know I got great chemistry with on the floor, that can help you win championships, in my mind.

JARED QUAY: LeBron James is bummed that his Lakers lost out on the Kyrie Irving sweepstakes after the Nets trade of the star guard to the Mavericks was made official on Monday.

- It's happening.

JARED QUAY: I get the disappointment. Because the Lakers have the third-worst record in the entire Western Conference right now.

- How embarrassing.

JARED QUAY: Wait, Scarlett Johansson's in "Home Alone 3?" Who knew? Anyways, it seems like LeBron has licked his wounds and is ready to move on.

LEBRON JAMES: But my focus has shifted now. My focus has shifted back to where it should be. And that's this club now.

JARED QUAY: Whether he admits it or not, Lebron's focus is also on the number 36, which is how many points he needs to score to move ahead of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the NBA's all time leading scorer.

- Almost got it.

JARED QUAY: According to prices on StubHub, tickets for tonight's game against the Thunder cost 50% above the season average.

- Damn!

JARED QUAY: LeBron has scored 36 or more points nine times this season. So he definitely can get the scoring title tonight.

- Tonight the night?

JARED QUAY: But, man, he can't break the biggest record in basketball against the fricking Oklahoma City Thunder?

- Bogus.

JARED QUAY: Not when Giannis in the Bucs are coming to town two nights later. I think LeBron is going to drop 30 on OKC and then save the last 6 points for Thursday night. And that will cost you a pretty penny. Because the tickets for the Bucs-Lakers are going for 70% above the season average. Damn! $600 for nosebleed seats to watch Giannis take on the 13th best team in the west! Gotta love capitalism, baby!

You know who else loves capitalism?

- Tom Brady?

JARED QUAY: The twice-retired quarterback revealed that he won't start calling NFL games on Fox until 2024.

- That's a long time.

JARED QUAY: According to the GOAT that was a good reason for the delay.

TOM BRADY: Take some time to really learn, become great at what I want to do, become great at thinking about the opportunity and making sure I don't rush into anything

JARED QUAY: Oh, yeah, I can see that. Brady wants to practice.

- Not a game, we're talking about practice.

JARED QUAY: My theory is that Tom is taking that gap year to post thirst traps on social media.

Oh, wait, Brady's clothing line is selling boxer briefs. OK, that makes sense. Now, that's on brand. Because Tom will sell everything. And the people will buy it. Tom is like, yo, I just shaved my beard. Here's the hair. You can buy it for $70 million. I mean, somebody buying his sand for $100,000. Now, I don't know who the smartest person is. But if you buy that for $100,000, let me show you this beach house I got in the middle of Idaho, all right?