How the latest CFP rankings set up conference championship weekend

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz and Mike Golic Jr. of "GoJo & Golic" break down the penultimate edition of this season's playoff rankings including the possibility of no SEC teams making the Playoff, Texas maybe being more worthy than Florida State, and the conundrum of how to value overall records and head-to-head matchups.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: Let me be clear here. If Alabama wins the SEC Championship, there will not be an SEC team in the college football playoff. Texas will take that spot. I think that's pretty clear.

The winner of the Pac 12 is in. Michigan's in. Texas would be in in this example. And then you'd be talking about who your other one-loss team is going to be in. It's not Georgia. Georgia is not clearly in over-- oh, and we left Florida State out of that equation. So Florida State goes in if they win the ACC. There's no SEC team in that way.

MIKE GOLIC JR.: It doesn't make sense in my brain, even though I think it's probably right. The Florida State of it all is going to be really interesting, because, well, again, I think they probably should. Would I like the committee to be brave? Possibly. They deserve it, but at the same time, do we all kind of agree deep down in places we don't like to talk about at parties that Texas would probably be the more entertaining team in the college football playoff? It's probably a better team than Florida State at this juncture. I think so. I feel pretty comfortable in saying that.

JASON FITZ: I can hear somebody yelling. But the conference championship and the undefeated season. OK, I don't really care. Their job is to pick not the four best, not the four most deserving. It's the four best of the four most deserving. So now we're going to put all of them into this bucket together. And we've got to ask them what is the qualification that makes Florida State right now-- and remembering that we said when Brock Bowers was hurt for Georgia, the committee has to factor that in.

Florida State is without their starting quarterback. That's absolutely-- I think any of these teams without their starting quarterback would deserve to be dinged for it at some point. If Alabama didn't have Jalen Milroe suddenly moving forward, that should impact the way we view them going into the college football playoffs. So I don't think it's some hot take here, Mike.

MIKE GOLIC JR.: I think if you are a person who is willing to entertain the idea of Alabama getting in over Texas, then you should not shudder at the idea of anyone getting in over an undefeated Florida State. Now, I am not of that ilk, but I know there's people who probably are out there who think, hey, if Alabama beats the number one team in the country, how are you going to keep them out? That's fine. But if head to head is not going to matter but so much in that case, then an undefeated record should only matter so much in that case.

JASON FITZ: I mean, if we're not going to factor in head to head in this conversation from two teams that played each other, as you mentioned, in similar situations to who they are right now, if that doesn't matter, then why the hell should any college football team ever schedule any sort of out-of-conference game, any non-conference game if there's no consequence to it? If there's no benefit to it for Texas, why would you ever schedule out of conference again in any situation? It's a terrible message to send college football.