Kirk Cousins on Vikings’ 0-2 start: ‘At some point…you gotta win’

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback spoke to Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz about his team’s tough start to the season and how they’ll get back on track. Kirk joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Kidde’s ‘Cause for Alarm’ - to find out more about fire safety and how to keep your family safe at home, visit

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: Jason Fitz from Yahoo Sports here hanging out with Kirk Cousins here with us on behalf of the Kidde's Cause for Alarm campaign. We'll get to that in just a second. But first, this year off to a little bit of a slow start. You've been in the league so long. How do you sort of manage a slow start on a football season?

KIRK COUSINS: Well, on one hand, you say, hey, long year. A lot of football left ahead. Certainly you believe that the next 15 games are going to determine things far more than the first two. That being said, you can't be saying that all year long. At some point, it's got to turn. You got to play better. You got to win. And so we've dug ourselves a little bit of a hole. And we've got to get out of it. And it needs to start this Sunday.

JASON FITZ: Everybody's been talking about your division all off season. Right. The Lions look like they're on the up, and there's no Aaron Rodgers. Inside the division, how does it feel this year compared to most years?

KIRK COUSINS: Well, change in this league is just part of the deal. You kind of expect there to be change every year. On your team. On the teams around you. And certainly our division experienced some big change this year with Rodgers leaving. He had been a mainstay, a fixture, for so many years in Green Bay. And it is a little unique after having Farve for all those years to see someone else under center for Green Bay. But you know, Detroit certainly as well just finished the season so strong last year. And they look really sharp in their first two weeks. I know they lost a tough one to Seattle. But they look like a really good football team that's challenging. And I think Chicago as well has really gotten better. So the North is a tough division. And because we dug ourselves a hole at 0 and 2, we've got a lot of work to get out of it.

JASON FITZ: I mentioned Kidde's Cause for Alarm. Obviously, this is something super important to you. Tell everybody about it.

KIRK COUSINS: Yeah. So Kidde is a global leader in fire safety equipment. They're now in year two of their Cause for Alarm campaign. And they have a jingle that that's called beeps that last get out fast. And so they've written that to just kind of help the educational for not only kids but for parents to learn the importance of having the fire safety equipment in their home that's not only there, but that it's functional.

- Check your doorknobs. There may be hot. When you hear beeps, beeps the last.

KIRK COUSINS: This equipment has a lifespan of about 10 years. So making sure we replace it is very important. And so just want to get the word out, and make sure that we do have it on the forefront of our minds to get it addressed so that our children and our families are safe in the event of a fire.