Is hiring a great NFL head coach a stroke of good luck or strong strategy? | Inside Coverage

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz and Charles Robinson explore some of the NFL’s more recent successful coaches and attempt to figure out why some hires are studs while others are duds. Hear the full conversation on Inside Coverage. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: I think hiring a coach, I'm starting to become convinced, is more about being lucky than good. Like Miami hired plenty of bad coaches before they finally hit the lottery with Mike McDaniel, right? A year ago, right now, we were sitting here saying, no minority candidate is ever going to take the Houston job because all they do is hire and fire too quickly and never get the chance, and it seems bad. Like all of it felt gross and icky. And all of a sudden, DeMeco Ryans is out here as the Coach of the Year candidate.

CHARLES ROBINSON: The whole idea of like what the best and worst hires are, the fact that we instantaneously come up with those lists is just so absolutely absurd. And remember when Sirianni and Dan Campbell had their press conferences right near each other when they were hired, in terms of the time frame? And everyone was like, what the hell? Like, it was like Dan Campbell seemed crazy, like the things he was saying. And Nick Sirianni, it was just like, this guy looks like a deer in the headlights, like, that entire press conference.

And then, look at what we're talking about now. They've been perfect for those situations. They've fit with the culture of the organization. I would say there's no like perfect formula for it. You all want to be the Pittsburgh Steelers, right? Where you just have coaches for decades, and the transition is great. And it all kind of fits in terms of the fabric of who you are, and who ownership is, and the culture you want to have on the field. But those are such significant outliers right now. And I think every single team out there goes through a run of really bad coaches until they finally get into the right one.