Greg Olsen’s favorite memory of playing with Cam Newton

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon is joined by sportscaster and former NFL tight end Greg Olsen on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVIII. Greg joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Fireball Whiskey.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: All right, excited to be joined now by Greg Olsen. Greg, what's going on?

GREG OLSEN: How are you? Yeah, appreciate you having me.

MATT HARMON: You're here on behalf of Fireball whiskey. We'll get to that in just a second, very excited to talk about that. But we got to play a little game of What's in the Cards?


MATT HARMON: So essentially how this is gonna go, I'll flip a card over, you guess whether the next one is higher or lower. You get it right, you get an easy question. You get it wrong, you get a hard question.

GREG OLSEN: Done. Let's do it.

MATT HARMON: All right, let's do it. First one up here is a five.

GREG OLSEN: So the next one's gonna be higher.

MATT HARMON: Next one is gonna be higher, he says. He is correct. It's a queen. This guy knows what he's talking about.

GREG OLSEN: Done this before.

MATT HARMON: You done this before? Yeah. I mean, I have, too. What's your favorite memory playing with Cam Newton?

GREG OLSEN: Man, it's got to be winning that NFC Championship game that time at home, knowing we were going to the Super Bowl. Obviously wished the Super Bowl would have gone better. But just standing on that stage, holding the trophy, understanding that everything we had come-- we came to Carolina in the same year.

He got drafted in '11, I got traded there in '11, and just the ability for us to help grow along with a million other good teammates and coaches, just to finally feel like we reached that top. And obviously we had expectations to really reach the top of the mountain, we came up short. But just standing there in our home stadium, winning that game, standing up there. The captains all together, taking in that moment, that's definitely up there.

MATT HARMON: Obviously, yeah. You wish the Super Bowl went different. But, of course, man. Like a good environment at an NFC Championship game, AFC Championship game, you can't beat that.

GREG OLSEN: It's awesome. It's awesome. I've played in two, I'm 1 and 1 in NFC Championship games in my career, and-- but didn't get the big one.

MATT HARMON: All right, next one up here. Higher or lower than three?


MATT HARMON: Got to be higher. I mean, this guy's crushing it. It's a five.

GREG OLSEN: Are these cards-- did you shuffle these, or are they predetermined?

MATT HARMON: I mean, dude, if I had wanted to cheat, I would give you a hard question by now.


MATT HARMON: I mean, for God's sakes.

GREG OLSEN: Fair. Fair enough.

MATT HARMON: All right. You're, in my opinion, the best broadcaster doing this thing right now.

GREG OLSEN: Thank you.

MATT HARMON: I think you're great at it. Take me into your preparation as a broadcaster.

GREG OLSEN: Similar to as a player. Obviously, minus the physical requirements. But it's anything-- the week of prep is what allows the game to unfold, which we can't predict. We try to. We try to have a good outline, and early in the game, we try to lay out, OK. Here's coming in, how we think one team is gonna approach it or how they should and vice versa.

But then that game could go off the rails. It could go in a multitude of different directions. And if your preparation, both on the players, the roster, the storylines, the tendencies, the trends, everything about the season leading up until that point. If you're comfortable and you understand what's gone on up until that point, no matter where the game goes, you can follow it.

And you can still provide insight, and you can still provide some interesting talking points. We got a bunch of really good researchers and guys that help us with prep, so it's a group effort. We have a great team, and the harder you work Monday through Saturday, the easier Sunday is.

MATT HARMON: You're here on behalf of Fireball whiskey. Tell us what you got going on with them.

GREG OLSEN: Yeah, so we got a fun campaign. We're working together, we produced a video a couple of weeks ago that people loved, where you're sitting at home, you're watching the game, and things don't go your way. You got a bad call, you get-- something doesn't-- the bounce doesn't go your way and you get pissed. You want to throw the TV, you want to break something. You're getting-- take a deep breath.

We're gonna Fireball the call. You're gonna throw the red challenge flag, take your little shot. You're gonna shoot your whiskey, and you're gonna move on to the next play. And we just feel like it's a lot better way to handle the stress and the anxiety of a game, especially if it's not going your way. And we're gonna Fireball those bad calls on Sunday. We're gonna enjoy the game, shooting some Fireball and having a great day.

MATT HARMON: Hey, man, listen. Yahoo, we do a lot of fantasy football stuff. So people get pissed about their fantasy teams. You need that.

GREG OLSEN: Listen. Fantasy football has created a lot of angry fans.


GREG OLSEN: They need lots of Fireball whiskey.

MATT HARMON: They need lots.

GREG OLSEN: Fantasy-- people that are into fantasy football, they need jugs of Fireball whiskey, and I will provide it.

MATT HARMON: See, Greg Olsen's got you back.

GREG OLSEN: The stories that I have of being in grocery stores and like, people telling you that you-- Meanwhile, you won by 20 points and people telling you that you cost their team the game.

MATT HARMON: You had two catches for 3 yards!

GREG OLSEN: Like, it's wild. But, hey. It's what makes it all go round.

MATT HARMON: Well, if they're in a grocery store, depending on which state they're in, you can tell them, hey, just go down to that next aisle over there. Pop yourself some Fireball whiskey.

GREG OLSEN: It all comes full circle.

MATT HARMON: All comes full circle, baby.

GREG OLSEN: It all comes full circle.

MATT HARMON: Hey, Greg Olsen. Thanks so much for your time.

GREG OLSEN: All right. Appreciate it, man. Thanks.