Florida State survives OT thriller to defeat Clemson

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz breaks down the Florida State victory as they went on the road to defeat Clemson in overtime.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: Clemson-Florida State lived up to the hype. Now remember, Clemson coming into this one had won seven straight games against Florida State. In fact, they'd won 25 straight games in conference at home, but Florida State has won nine straight overall so something's got to give. It turns out the most important number in this game was one. As in one turnover, one missed kick, and one overtime.

Now, if you flash forward back to the beginning of this game, Will Shipley and the Clemson running backs were having their way. Not only running the ball but also out of the backfield, it felt like they were controlling the pace of the game. In fact, Cade Klubnik, quarterback, was playing really well. It felt like Clemson had all the momentum. They had big leads. They were up 10-0, 17-7, and up 24-17 in the second half. They were driving with, what felt like, could have been the opportunity to put the game away.

That's when the one turnover turned out to be huge. A massive hit on Klubnik forces a scoop and score for Florida State, ties the game before you know it. With just under two minutes left, they have the chance. Clemson can put this thing away. Jonathan Weitz comes in. He wasn't even on the team on Sunday. He comes into this game, misses what could have been the game winning kick. Before you know it, we're in overtime and that's where Keon Coleman gets the jump ball. The 50/50 ball. No, it was a 90/10 ball. It was 100 ball for him in the end zone. Huge touchdown and for the first time since 2014 Florida State has taken down Clemson. They continue their hunt for a national championship.