Dre Fights to Give His Baby a 'Strong Black Name' on 'Black-ish'

Dre and Rainbow finally found out the sex of their baby on Wednesday's episode of Black-ish. At first, Dre really wanted a boy, but after Bo had a dream that they were having a girl, Dre started warming up to the idea of having another girl. On his way to the kitchen where they were doing the gender reveal, Dre said, "So I was 100% Team Girl now. I'd ditched my dreams of having a boy, like Kevin Durant ditched the Thunder." Although, once they popped the balloon and blue confetti rained down upon them, Dre responded with, "It's a boy! Yes! Yes! Now I get to finally have the son I always wanted but never got," which was a stinging comment to his two sons standing next to him. Dre and Bo had a deal that if it was a boy, Dre could name him, and he immediately informed everyone that the baby's name would be DeVante. The rest of the episode, everyone told Dre that naming his son DeVante was a bad idea because it was "too black." Dre felt strongly about naming his son DeVante because he wanted the child to be proud of being black. Dre told Bo, "The only reason we're not naming our son DeVante is so people won't know right away that he's black. I hate the fact that when something is black, the world sees it as bad." Bo saw how much it mattered to Dre, so she finally agreed to name the child DeVante. Although, she did have one stipulation, Bo said, "He will have the middle name Matthew," to which Dre responded with, "Yes. Solid White-sounding backup. Very important."