Does it still make sense for a team to sign Odell Beckham Jr. this season? | You Pod To Win The Game

Yahoo Sports NFL Writers Charles Robinson, Charles McDonald, and Jori Epstein discuss the news courtesy of Cowboys star Micah Parsons that Odell Beckham Jr. would not be ready to play for another 5 weeks, and debate if a team should still think about signing Beckham this season.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: When the season kicked off and the Rams had their unveiling, the banner unveiling-- Super Bowl banner unveiling-- an executive texted-- me we were both watching at the same time-- and he said, why is Odell Beckham, Jr. walking like that? And I'm like, what are you talking about?

And he backed it up on his DVR, and he took a little clip of it, and he sent it to me, and it looked like Odell Beckham, Jr. was stiff-legging it. He was walking with kind of a really stiff limp if you paid close attention. I thought, eh, it's nothing. You know, he's on track to return in November. That's what everybody's telling us.

Then it gets reported that he's cleared. I don't know who the hell cleared him, because no teams apparently cleared him. Everybody was excited. Everybody's recruiting. And now, Jerry Jones comes out and says, eh, maybe not.

This might not be a 2022 situation. Jori, what the hell is going on here? Like, what happened here? Did everybody just get way out in front and the ruse is kind of up right now in terms of his health?

JORI EPSTEIN: Yeah, no-- well, first of all, C-Rob, as always, you're super plugged in, and that executive seemed to be on to something. But I'm at the Cowboys facility right now, and Micah Parsons was talking to us today, and he had been at the Mavericks game courtside with Odell Beckham on Monday night as part of the Cowboys two-day recruitment situation.

And a reporter asked Micah, did Odell indicate to you when he'll be ready to play? And Micah said, yes. He said, five weeks, which is the postseason.

And that was something that we had kind of heard reported via sources, but now we've got Micah, who is refreshingly honest with us, telling us this on the record. And I thought that was super interesting because now you have the question of, OK, he can't help the Cowboys get a leg on the Eagles to get a better playoff seeding.

He might not necessarily be practicing much in those five weeks. He wasn't willing to work out, it seems, from all cases, for these three teams-- the Bills, the Giants, and now the Cowboys. Well, how comfortable are you really signing a guy and expecting him to do something? And how much money are you going to give a guy who thinks he's worth what he might have been worth a couple of years ago, or at least close, when you can't rely on his health?

And I wrote this in my story today, but the Cowboys have really changed their tone here. You have the same Jerry Jones talking on Sunday and Tuesday-- and on Sunday, he's like, Dak can make music with him, and he's the real deal, he's what we need, this year is important and I want to make it work.

And then 36 hours later, not even, Jerry says, well, it's got to be right for both of us. Like marriage, you want to make sure it's right beforehand rather than get together and then realize it's not right. I would be surprised if something still happens. Just doesn't seem to make sense for Odell to sign with a team this year when he can be healthier, and teams can have a better understanding, and he can probably up his value if he can show them that he can cut by the spring.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I think it's interesting that this idea when it was reported, it's not going to work out for any teams. And I'm like, that's a significant red flag. Why would you sign given the injury history?

This just feels like a leverage situation, where you had an individual who thinks, hey, what I was down the stretch for the Rams last year, I can be that for another team this year. But you have to give me the money up front-- and it's not just 2022 money, it's 2023, 2024.

I mean, tell me, Charles, what makes sense about this situation, especially when he just won't work out? He won't show this is what my health-- because his health and that workout, that's got to tell you what his contributions could potentially be, right?

CHARLES MCDONALD: I think we've kind of gotten to a point where we forget like how serious an injury an ACL tear can be, especially at this point in his career. And the first thing that I thought of was, all right, well, he tore it in, like, the second half of the Super Bowl.


CHARLES MCDONALD: The very last game that an NFL player can possibly play. And then I thought about Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams, who tore his ACL about a month before in the National Championship Game against Georgia. He just played his first game this past weekend.

So, you know, I imagine a guy like Odell, who has some more tread on his tires, who tore his ACL a month after Jameson Williams did, it's really not surprising to me that he's not healthy or wouldn't be ready to play at this point. My question is, like, why are you doing all this?


CHARLES MCDONALD: If you can't play, like, I don't really understand why he's doing this besides, honestly, just to have fun, visit his homies, go to a couple basketball games.


CHARLES MCDONALD: I mean, I can respect that as someone who's interested in seeing my friends, and getting free dinners, and stuff like that. But I think it's becoming more clear that he's not going to play football this year.