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Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab discuss the Ravens 10-9 victory over the Broncos. The left knee injury suffered by Lamar Jackson, and if his struggles this season will have a big impact on his next contract. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

FRANK SCHWAB: Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos lose again 10 to 9. The Broncos stink. We don't got to talk about them anymore. The key part of this game, Lamar Jackson goes out with a knee injury. And John Harbaugh terms it as days to weeks. Tells us nothing, John. Thanks a lot. But I assume Lamar is probably going to miss some time with this. Tyler Huntley didn't-- he who played really, really well last year when he had to fill in for Lamar did not look that good in this game. But he pulled it together for the game winning drive at the end, which is a huge win for the Ravens.

I mean, the Bengals are coming on strong. And I don't think Ravens can really afford any losses here. But what I wrote for winners and losers was basically, look. I'm not on the, Lamar lost his bet on himself. Lamar is going to make a ton of money from somebody.


FRANK SCHWAB: Carson Wentz is getting 22 million this year. Lamar Jackson is going be just fine. All right? But this contract year is not going well for Lamar. It started great. It's not all his fault. I mean, the Ravens really did nothing to help him. But this year is not going that well for Lamar since about the first three, four games of the season. And now he's hurt. And it's just not working out I'm sure as he, or the Ravens, even hoped.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Dak broke his foot. OK? Right in the middle.

FRANK SCHWAB: It was more than that. His foot was sideways on his body.

CHARLES ROBINSON: His foot was jacked. He left on a cart crying. He made his money. OK, Lamar went off hurt. It's not been a good season. Guess what? They'll bring him back next year on the franchise tag. Who cares? And if there is a holdout or some kind of contract thing in the offseason, whatever. We'll go through that. It's going to be fine.

They're not letting him go. And if they do let him go and he's a free agent, holy [BLEEP], I can't imagine the number of teams that are going to step up to sign him. And he's going to get whatever oodles of money he wants. To me, I watched this game, and I was like, the skill position pieces around Huntley are no better, if not worse, than what is around Russell Wilson, OK?

Now, you can bicker about the offensive lines or whatever. But when he had to have it, when he had to go and score a touchdown to win a game, he did it. He made all these plays. I don't know how you can look at Russ and Nathaniel Hackett and go, yeah, both of them stay. And we know if the answer is both of them don't stay, we know who doesn't stay. So it's just it's almost to me it feels like inevitable. And if you're an owner, if you're the new owners of the Denver Broncos--

FRANK SCHWAB: Who didn't hire this guy.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Who did not hire this guy.

FRANK SCHWAB: They weren't on board for that. They weren't even owners when they hired him.

CHARLES ROBINSON: If you know anything about football at all, if you have half a-- if you have a pea-sized football brain, you're looking at Huntley going, I don't know, man, when that guy had to have it, he drove it down-- and by the way, he did it against our defense, pretty decent. And you can argue about calls, or this, or that, or whatever. It's just, God, disgusting.