Could a Trevor Lawrence, Tee Higgins reunion happen in Jacksonville?

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz is joined by the Jaguars QB on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVIII to discuss Sam Hartman’s hair, playing overseas, recruiting Tee Higgins to Jacksonville, and so much more. Trevor Lawrence joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Gatorade.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: Hanging out with Trevor Lawrence, joining us on behalf of Gatorade. We will get to-- and the fire jacket. We'll get to Gatorade in just a second. But first, we're playing What's in The Cards? You know the drill. We're going to play some higher or lower. I'm going to flip over a card. You'll tell me, is the next one higher or lower. If you get it right, you get an easy question. If you get it wrong, you get a hard question.

And I'm shuffling it because I've learned that-- what? Did I say that wrong? He's looking at me. OK. I'm shuffling it because I've learned that you guys think that I'm fixing the deck. So this is my way of making sure that I don't fix the deck. The first card out-- queen.


JASON FITZ: OK, that one was easy. So next one is an ace. Oh!

TREVOR LAWRENCE: Was that high or low?

JASON FITZ: Well, I rigged the game. I can do it however I want. Since we just started, I'll give you an easy one. I talked to Sam Hartman yesterday. He told me that he has the best hair in all the business. What do we think? This or Hartman? What are we doing?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: I mean, he has good hair. But to say that early, coming into his rookie year, that's bold. I give him credit for that.

JASON FITZ: He also said there's no, like, regimen for him. He just wakes up and does that naturally. Like, for you, is there-- is there something that goes into all this?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: It's about the same. Just wash it every day or two, and that's it.

JASON FITZ: But you know. You know when you're looking over to the camera, and you do like to flip. Everybody's--

TREVOR LAWRENCE: I have to. It gets on my face, so--

JASON FITZ: I did see pictures of him as a kid. Bowl cut. I'm just saying there was once a bowl cut. There was once a bowl cut.


JASON FITZ: All right. So we'll go higher or lower than the ace.


JASON FITZ: I can imagine. King. You're getting a bunch of easy ones here. All right. You guys play a bunch of international games with the Jags International Series. Love it or hate it?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: It's in the middle.


TREVOR LAWRENCE: I love parts of it. Hate the travel. But I do-- it is cool playing over there, and just a new atmosphere, the fans. To see how big the game is outside of America is cool. But the travel is pretty rough.

JASON FITZ: Does it give you guys an advantage that you do it all the time?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: I don't know. Not necessarily. I think-- yeah, some of the guys were used to doing it, so you know how to sleep, how to get ready to be out there because you do get jet lag the first day or two. So maybe a little bit. And we were there for 10 days this year. Played two games. So that was unique. And towards the end, we were all ready to be home. But we got two wins, so not bad for us.

JASON FITZ: Yeah, that's all-- the wins are all the matters, but still, that's a long time. All right. Higher or lower than the jack.

TREVOR LAWRENCE: We'll go higher. I'll give you a--

JASON FITZ: Oh, he's helping me.

TREVOR LAWRENCE: I'll give you a hard--

JASON FITZ: He's helping.

TREVOR LAWRENCE: --a hard opportunity there.

JASON FITZ: All right. Let's talk about your career. So far in the NFL, year one, a little bit rocky. Year two, you guys exceeded expectations. Year three, you take it a little bit of a step back. How do you find the normal for where you guys are going to be?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: I think every year it's a different set of challenges and circumstances. Unfortunately, this year, we weren't able to meet the expectations or-- not even from the outside world but just our expectations. We thought we were going to be a better team and be able to make a deep playoff run. And we had some injuries and some things that happened that happen every year, and we weren't able to overcome them. So there's definitely a sense of urgency this offseason to take that next step and to be a legit contender, and that's what we all want.

JASON FITZ: Higher or lower than an eight.

TREVOR LAWRENCE: That's a tough one. Lower.

JASON FITZ: He goes lower than an eight, and it is a 10. Oh, that's all right. So you played with one college teammate, Etienne. Like, Higgins-- free agent? Are we recruiting out there?

TREVOR LAWRENCE: I would be very surprised if Cincinnati lets him go. I don't think that's going to happen. But if there was an opportunity, it would be great to play with Tee. We've texted a little bit back and forth. And the league's funny. You just never know how things are going to work out. So many factors are at play. But of course, that's a guy that I played with that we have a great chemistry. Great player. I would not be upset at all if he came to Jacksonville.

JASON FITZ: All right. What's your favorite Gatorade flavor? That's a real question we have to ask. And why is it always a color? Why does nobody ever give me a flavor name? It's always a color.

TREVOR LAWRENCE: Well, so my favorite one-- I say it every time. They get mad at me because it doesn't exist anymore. Rain Berry was my favorite, and I'm sticking to it. I don't know if you remember that.


TREVOR LAWRENCE: It was, like, the light pink one?


TREVOR LAWRENCE: That was my favorite, but it's hard to find nowadays.

JASON FITZ: So tell us what you're doing with Gatorade.

TREVOR LAWRENCE: So Gatorade just launched Gatorade ID. It's a membership platform where you can create your own bottles. You can do it however you want. So it's pretty sick. You go to Check it out. Anybody can join and create their own bottles, so it's going to be pretty sweet.

JASON FITZ: It's amazing. Check it out. Thanks for hanging out with me. We appreciate you.

TREVOR LAWRENCE: Appreciate you.