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Senior NFL Reporter Charles Robinson is joined by Jori Epstein and Charles McDonald, the newest additions to the Yahoo Sports’ NFL family. Our NFL trio discusses the ridiculous notion that Cooper Rush should start over Dak Prescott once Prescott is healthy enough to return to the field. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: Dallas, the QB controversy that's not-- Jori, you've already written a piece on this after Jerry was making his unprompted remarks prior to the Giants game. Cooper Rush keeps winning games, albeit, I don't know how impressive the Giants win really was. I'm enjoying, though, seeing a sliver of, and it's a small sliver, but I am enjoying seeing a very small sliver of Cowboys fans on social media saying, well, hey, maybe Cooper is the guy. Maybe I like Cooper's vibes.

I think was Cowboys Nation retweeted a fan who was saying, I like Cooper Rush vibes better than Dak vibes, or whatever. And I'm like, this can't be happening, right? I scrolled down. Thankfully, it appeared most of the fan base was sane and was like, no, this is not it.

This is not the tweet. That is not the guy. Dak is the quarterback as soon as he comes back. Jori, can you please just stick, let's just stick a stake in it, OK? What would Cooper Rush, let's go wildest dreams here, what would he have to do to somehow secure that job?

And, I mean, it looks like Dak could be back within a couple of weeks. It's kind of feeling like that. What would he have to do to really make Jerry think twice about this?

JORI EPSTEIN: Yeah, I mean, I'm at Cowboys facility right now and I talked to Dak in the locker room today and he showed us his thumb and said, look, I got the stitches out on Monday. I'm able to grip a ball in some degree now. And he's like, if I wanted to just throw you the ball, I could. Now, can I throw with purpose now?

He said it would probably be until later in the week, maybe Friday or so, that he's really going to be throwing and gripping and trying to test it out. So don't expect him against Washington this week. More like, and honestly, the Rams, I think what's interesting about Cooper playing so well is that we've seen guys rushed back too quickly. I mean, Chris Godwin from his injury a couple of weeks ago came back for the Buccaneers and then he had to sit out again.

And so if Dak can actually be healed and have that full grip and maybe come back in a couple of weeks against the Eagles, then that will be better. In terms of what Cooper would need to do, I mean, it's funny what Charles, and you know this having spent a lot of time around Dallas, saying like, wildest dreams, what's happening? Jerry Jones, his perception of reality is wild dreams and he kept saying these lines. One of the reporters was joking in the media room about this last week, of Jerry had the sign up, like, I think like this.

And I mean, some of y'all know Clarence Taylor. He just kept repeating for hours, I think like this. I think like this. Because we're like, Terry, why are you thinking like this? It gets to the point where even if you want to create a story, it's kind of disrespectful to pin your head coach against your defensive coordinator.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, a little bit.

JORI EPSTEIN: It's kind of disrespectful to pin your quarterbacks against each other. And it doesn't make Cooper Rush play any better, like most people, but especially Cooper Rush. Now Jerry's whole line was, if he wins 10 games like Dak did, then we'd have to see. I think the bigger question isn't what Cooper does now and it's what Dak does when he gets back.

Because if Dak looks great and he's going to get the opportunity about as soon as he's healthy or give or take a week, then that's not really a question. He's your guy. He's who you paid the money to. They say Cooper's got knowledge of the offense, Dak has even more. So I think this is really more in Dak's hands than it is Cooper's. But what do y'all think? What do you think, C-Mac?

CHARLES MCDONALD: I guess, to answer the question, what will Cooper Rush have to do? Come out and throw for like 350 yards, 5 touchdowns for like a month in a row.


CHARLES MCDONALD: And I wouldn't expect that of any quarterback. But like, I just don't understand why the leap has to be made to even have this discussion sometimes. it can just be like, hey, we got a nice little backup quarterback. He's developed into someone that can hold it steady when Dak is hurt and that's great and that can be it.

That can be the end of it. But you get rabid about quarterback position and it's something new that you haven't gotten accustomed to like Dak. But I don't really think it's anything more than just having a nice backup quarterback, someone who where it's not going to be a disaster if he has to play for a few games at a time.

And then when Dak's healthy, he can come back and you can start really trying to rip off some of these explosive plays in the passing game. Because I think that, that is where some of the limits with Cooper Rush come. You can be steady in the short part of the field, but you need someone that can really take the top off of a defense and I think Dak is closest to that guy.

JORI EPSTEIN: Yeah, it's funny you mention that because, again, we're talking to Jerry last week in the hallway. He's telling us this whole thing of maybe a quarterback controversy and it was right before we went down to locker room. So we're talking to Ezekiel Elliott and it's kind of like, do you ask him about it? Do you not?

It's almost like, do you hold the son responsible for his father's sins? Do you hold the players accountable for what Jerry is saying? But the reality is, Jerry just said it. So someone asks Zeke, like people outside of the building, people on TV are talking about this.

I mean, do you think there's any validity to it? And Zeke goes, essentially, the whole, we can't concern ourself with voices outside the building. They might not even believe it. That's their job.

And I stepped in and I'm like, well inside the building, Jerry just told us, and go on and say what he's saying. And Zeke goes, see, classic example of the outrageous things people say. And I'm like, no, Jerry just said it. And Zeke goes, exactly, it's marketing. He's just marketing. He wants you guys to be--

He's not


JORI EPSTEIN: --listening to him and clicking to him. And it was such just a refreshing moment that the player would actually be comfortable enough to say that. Because a lot of guys are too young and early or they don't have their contracts yet. And then you have Zeke who's like, Jerry and I have been through enough. I'm just going to say it.