Charles McDonald’s plea to the Arthur Smith to start Desmond Ridder | You Pod To Win The Game

Yahoo Sports NFL Writer Charles McDonald delivers an impassioned plea to Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith to start QB Desmond Ridder over Marcus Mariota for the rest of the season.

Video Transcript


CHARLES MCDONALD: But going back to the Falcons, because we never talk about them when I'm on here, I just can't believe that-- the NFC South being so awful has really thrown a wrench in my plans here. Because now they can just sit here with this bull-[BLEEP]. We're still in the hunt, you know. We're a game out of first place in our own division.

Get real, Arthur. OK, this team sucks. If you earnestly think that you-- let's say you miraculously make the playoffs. The odds are you're welcoming the Dallas [BLEEP] Cowboys into the fake Georgia Dome in January and getting absolutely smashed by them. You need to figure out if Desmond Ridder can play. And if he sucks, that's fine, too, because we know Mariota sucks. So then you can go off and get another quarterback.

It's crazy to me that when Arthur gets asked by the media, well, you thinking about starting Desmond Ridder, he acts like that question is an affront to God. We can all see Marcus play. We've seen his contract. You guys don't believe in him that much. Start Ridder, and see if he can play. [SIGHS]