CeeDee Lamb on OBJ to Cowboys: ‘We need that’

The Dallas Cowboys receiver spoke to Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon about the potential of the All-Pro wideout joining the NFC contenders.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: The Cowboys are clicking at the right time. You got Michael Gallup making sort of his full emergence back. A couple of touchdowns on Sunday night.

But a lot of talk about Odell Beckham right now, you know. He's with a couple of teammates at the Mavericks game, you know. Obviously, we know he's visiting the team. What are your thoughts on the possible addition of a guy like Odell Beckham to the team and to the wide receiver room?

CEEDEE LAMB: I love that for us. Obviously, adding another weapon like him is just another threat to the end zone and then another person that the defense has to account for. So of that, I want him. I'm excepting everything that comes with it. I know he's ready for the attention of the Dallas Cowboys, if you will. Coming from New York with the media and everything. So he kind of knows how to regulate and do all of that. So like I said, I want him to join us. So we need that.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, it would be pretty exciting. I mean, last year when he goes to the Rams, he sort of was a missing piece, like as that backside X receiver, which opens up so much then for Cooper Kupp as that slot receiver. I think you could see some similar stuff there with you and him.

And obviously, we know he's got experience playing the flanker position as well, running that route tree. I mean, the guy can really, as long as he's healthy, he can really do it all. So it would be-- that'd be a hell of a trio, you, Michael Gallup, and him. That would be really fun to watch. Dallas Cowboys would be putting up a lot of points. So that would be pretty exciting.