Blake Wesley on being ND's first one-and-done player: 'I just want to hear my name called by Adam Silver'

Yahoo Sports' Krysten Peek sits down with 6-foot-5 Notre Dame guard Blake Wesley to discuss his pre draft workouts, being the only one-and-done player to ever come out of Notre Dame, and expectations for draft night.

Video Transcript

KRYSTEN PEEK: I'm Krysten Peek here at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas with 6' 5" guard Blake Wesley. Blake, you've been here for a few weeks now, getting some pre-draft workout in. How's this whole process been so far?

BLAKE WESLEY: It's been good, been a blessing to be able to come out here and like work with the best guys in the country, work with Joe, we've got a lot of interns here. It's been nice. I gained nine pounds since I've been here and that's good. So, yeah.

KRYSTEN PEEK: When you look at all the names on the wall, you got Kawhi Leonard, DeMarcus Cousins, most recently Tyrese Haliburton, Zaire Williams. What's it like to train with these guys day in and day out, and then also other great players just getting ready for the draft and the NBA?

BLAKE WESLEY: For sure. I'm getting better every day, continue to just be myself, like my parents taught me to be. Joe's teaching me every day how to be a man and become the best player I can be. Just getting better every day.

KRYSTEN PEEK: How many shots do you think you put up every day, because you guys shoot a lot?

BLAKE WESLEY: We shoot a lot of shots. So like in the morning, I probably shoot like no lie, like 800 and 900 shots a day.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Monday through Friday?

BLAKE WESLEY: Yes. It's crazy. I don't know how, but like, it's a lot of shots. But my arm is really going to be tired after the workout, so that's good.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Getting used to it. All right, you kind of blew up this year at Notre Dame. When did during the season that you were going to be a one and done prospect?

BLAKE WESLEY: Probably after the Kentucky game. I knew I could compete with the best after the Kentucky game. And like, my game has improved since the beginning of season to the end of the season. Just growing as a man, because I've been playing under like 16 years, and I was the only freshman. So playing with those guys is really a blessing. And to be able to come in Notre Dame, do what I had to do is really, really good for me.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Let's go back to the COVID year. You were primed to have a breakout summer before your senior season and then everything shut down. How did you stay focused and how were you able to still grow your game during that time of COVID?

BLAKE WESLEY: For sure. COVID really, it helped me, but it didn't help me. So the one thing it helped me, is because I got in the gym every day. Like, by myself and my trainer. That was a good thing, because everything was shut down. But the bad thing was, I didn't get to play in front of like all the other coaches I want to play with. And like the media people on the sideline getting to be able to see me, rank me and stuff like that. But at the end of the day, I just got better. Like me my parents talked about how rankings like doesn't mean anything. So I just play with a chip on my shoulder everywhere.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Do you feel like you had something to prove coming in to Notre Dame your freshman year?

BLAKE WESLEY: For sure, yeah. People thought I was going to be, not going to even play. They thought I was going to just ride the bench my freshman year, because like my size and stuff like that. But I just used my speed, used my everything ability I have, so yeah.

KRYSTEN PEEK: There were a couple of games this season where as the game was on the line and you, as a freshman, you had the ball in your hands to make that play during crunch time. What were those moments like?

BLAKE WESLEY: It's crazy, because you don't see a lot of freshmen with the ball in their hands at the end of the game, certainly not at Notre Dame. It was just crazy, because like, I mean, I won't make a play for somebody and like or go get a basket. For example, the Georgia Tech game went to overtime, I hit the shot to go to overtime. And then we sealed the game by me passing to the corner, Prentiss Hubb sealed the game.

And then Kentucky game was just unbelievable. Got to my spot. That's what I worked on, and just shot it. I mean, it was crazy, because after like, after the game like, I just seen a whole bunch of people just running at me and it was just like crazy. I was like, wow, I really hit the game winner.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Yeah. I mean, it takes a special player to be able to confidently have the ball in your hands during the end of the shot clock end of the game. Where does that confidence come from?

BLAKE WESLEY: Me just like, like I said, getting in the gym, just putting in work that I do, working out with my trainer, my dad, just having a lot of confidence as a freshman.

KRYSTEN PEEK: So back to the draft process. You got the combine this week, and then after that, you got team workouts, team meetings. What are you hoping to show these NBA teams that you meet with in these next couple of weeks?

BLAKE WESLEY: I'm looking to show my speed, my passing, and really just decision-making. Because my shot, it has to get better. I have to get better at my passing. I have to get better at everything. But I just want to show them my speed, how I can rebound, how I can defend, mostly defense. I mean, yeah, that's really it.

KRYSTEN PEEK: What NBA players do you watch and try to emulate your game after?

BLAKE WESLEY: Tyrese Maxey, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Oh, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander?

BLAKE WESLEY: Yeah, him. And Caris LeVert. People remind me Caris LeVert, because I got the movement like him and like the ability to jump like him and like the bounce like him.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Draft night will be here before you know it, it's going to come fast. What do you anticipate your emotions being like on draft night?

BLAKE WESLEY: I'm going to be nervous for sure. Heart going to be beating, hands going to be sweaty. It's like, it's like everybody, everybody going to be nervous, that's just how it is. But I just want to hear my name called by Adam Silver, which will be a blessing to me and my family and the community. So yeah.

KRYSTEN PEEK: All right, Blake, thank you so much for the interview. For continual coverage on the NBA draft and all NBA draft prospects, keep it right here on Yahoo Sports.