Betting: NFL Week 14 Best Bets

Ariel Epstein, Jared Quay, and Pamela Maldonado give their best bets for Week 14 of the NFL season.

Video Transcript

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Welcome to "Yahoo Sportsbook." He's Jared Quay. She's Pam Maldonado. I'm Ariel Epstein. We are getting you ready for week 14. And all three of us have our best bets ready to go. Jared, as always, I'll start with you. Where are you going in this week 14 slate?

JARED QUAY: I don't want to keep reminding people, but I've been on a fire. I hit the last five of these. And I'm hoping to keep that streak going. But at the same time, who knows? Even Dallas, so take this with a grain of salt. I love the Bengals at home. They're +1 home dogs to the 49ers. I think they win this one outright. The Bengals are one of the best teams against the run.

And what are the 49ers needs to do to win? They need to run the ball. Their weaknesses are in their secondary, which I don't think Jimmy Garoppolo has the talent to exploit. But a lot of this comes down to health. Obviously, the Bengals' offensive line is beat up. They get Riley Reiff back and Trey Hopkins at center back. I think they should dominate this game. Even without them, I like them on the money line. But let's hope they get them back for help and for my bet, please.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Oh, even a money line. I have a feeling that Pam is doing something similar. Where are you going this week?

PAMELA MALDONADO: Another underdog, it's an ugly one. I am taking the Falcons +2 and 1/2 at the Panthers. These are two-- let's be honest-- mediocre yet divisional rivals. Atlanta's last three losses, they came to the Bucs, the Patriots, and the Cowboys. Those are arguably the best three teams in the NFL. And Atlanta's last two wins against rushing teams with bad quarterbacks, which is pretty similar to what the Panthers are right now in the Jags and the Saints.

Now, Cam Newton, his antics, they're just a distraction from his inefficiencies. He's still not a good quarterback-- three touchdowns, two interceptions since joining the Carolina Panthers, 5 of 15 passing with an interception, and just two first downs on third down passing attempts.

Running back Christian McCaffrey, he's the leading rusher in the last four games. He's out on IR. That's one less weapon for Cam. Panthers' last two losses, they allowed 27 and 33 points from Washington and Miami, giving up four passing touchdowns and forcing zero interceptions. That's not really good for a team that's supposed to have a great defense. And the last time that Matt Ryan faced a Cam Newton that led Panthers team was back in 2018, where the Falcons won a 31-24.

A fun memory, Jared, you may recall, it was actually Matt Ryan who broke the Panthers 14-0 win streak way back in 2015, serving up the Panthers only loss of the regular season. I love Matt Ryan. And catch him points against Panthers.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I love that play, Pam. I'm going over to the NFC East. I'm going to take the team total over 25 and 1/2 points for the Dallas Cowboys. It's a divisional rivalry. Washington and Dallas are actually 3-0 combined over under in divisional match-ups this year. Washington has allowed for the most passing touchdowns against them all season.

Who is so good at throwing the ball in the end zone? It is Dak Prescott. In the four games where he's gone against bottom 10 defenses to passing touchdowns allowed, he's gone over this team total. In all four of those games, he's had at least two passing touchdowns in all four of those games. Give me the team total over 25 and 1/2 points for the Dallas Cowboys.

To recap, all three of our best bets this week in week 14, Jared is going with the Cincinnati Bengals. Pam is going to take the Atlanta Falcons. And I'm going team total over on the Dallas Cowboys. Good luck this weekend, guys.

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