Betting: NFC Divisional Sleepers

Ariel Epstein, Minty Bets & Jared Quay give their picks for best value for a non-favorite to win their division in the NFC for the 2022 NFL season.

Video Transcript

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Welcome to Yahoo Sportsbook. Alongside Minty Bets and Jared Quay, I'm Ariel Epstein. Last week, we gave out some AFC sleepers to win their division. This week, we're going over to the NFC. This means none of the favorites are who we're choosing. We're choosing all underdogs. Jared, I'll start with you first this time. Which sleeper pick are you picking to win their NFC division?

JARED QUAY: This is the wildest one, I think, because the NFC East is just a wild, wild division. But I do think the Eagles at plus 190 should be able to get it done. Yes, the Cowboys are good, but the Cowboys are going to Cowboys. This Eagle team's defense has always been strong. In fact, last eight games of last year, they allowed the fourth most points in the NFL.

But their offense is getting better. They added AJ Brown. You got your third year with Jalen Hurts. And you got DeVonta Smith and Jalen Reagor, who I think should be better this year. With that combination, I feel like they-- and they're adding the second easiest strength of schedule. I don't think there's any game on the schedule, other than the Colts, where they should lose outright. With that being the case, I think they should win the NFC East.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I like it, Jared. I know the NFC East, they call it the NFC Least. Maybe we'll get someone that could finish at the top and not make you sweat it out. Minty, which team are you going with?

MINTY BETS: All right, I'm looking at the NFC South. Everyone is going to bet on Brady and the Bucs, and I don't blame them. So let's start our process of elimination here. The Carolina Panthers, they have QB issues, and Matt Rhule's in the hot seat. So we can just rule them out. And for the Atlanta Falcons, I mean, I like Marcus Mariota, but he's not really an upgrade from Matt Ryan. So let's rule them out as well.

Which leaves us with the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have a healthy Jameis and a really stellar receiving corps now with Jarvis Landry, Chris Olave, and now, at long last, Michael Thomas. This defense allowed the seventh fewest total yards last year. So give me the Saints to win the NFC South at plus 375.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I love that we're all so smart that we have figured out a way to never pick the same divisions as each other. I'm going over to the NFC West. I'm taking the Arizona Cardinals at 3 to 1 to win the division. While everyone zigs, I zag. While everyone zags, I zig. Whatever the saying is. Everyone was on Arizona. They were one of the highest liabilities to win the Super Bowl last season. People are going to go away from it. I'm going right towards it.

This Arizona team had one of the top defenses in the NFL last year. It was the 11th best, allowing just over 329 yards per game. As for the offense, they just added a number two wide receiver in Marquise "Hollywood" Brown coming over from the Baltimore Ravens. He played in college at Oklahoma with Kyler Murray, their quarterback. You also have a number one wide receiver in DeAndre Hopkins, who is one of the best in the league.

As for the run game, James Conner was averaging just over 100 total yards from scrimmage last season by the end of the year in his final six games, in addition to the fact that you've got a mobile quarterback in Kyler Murray. I like the Cardinals, 3 to 1, to win the NFC West.

Here's a recap of all of our NFC sleeper picks. Jared's going with the Philadelphia Eagles, Minty's going with the New Orleans Saints, I've got the Arizona Cardinals. Bet $10 and win $200 in free bets by signing up at New customers only. Must be 21 or older. Terms apply.