Bad beats, Seahawks at WFT betting guide

Your Monday Night football betting guide Frank Schwab gets you set for tonight's game featuring the Seahawks and the Washington Football Team. He also has a couple of player props for you to consider.

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Video Transcript

- Welcome to Yahoo Sportsbook Daily. It is Monday, November 29, 2021. I'm your betting guide for Monday Night Football, Frank Schwab. Let's go through bad beats of the weekend first. There were a few of them. And sorry if you were on these. The first one we have to talk about is the Iron Bowl over. When a game goes four overtimes, you expect it to go over 57 points. We all remember the fiasco that was Illinois-Penn State with a million overtimes and they didn't go over. Well, it turns out the SEC can do that too.

Because even though the Iron Bowl-- Alabama, Auburn-- went to four overtimes, that game never came close to touching the over. And did well under the over under of 57 points. If you had the over on that one you feel like you should have been cashing a ticket. If I would have told you it's going four overtimes, you thought it was a lock. It wasn't. That one lost for you.

That probably wasn't the worst beat of Saturday. That one we have to go to Tennessee-Vanderbilt. OK, Tennessee minus 20 in the first half. And they just dominated Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt couldn't get a thing going. It's 24-0. Vanderbilt, you're feeling good nothing's happening for their offense at all. You feel like you're on the right side. And then Vanderbilt hits a 56 yard Hail Mary at the end of the half to cover the 20 point spread in the first half. They're down 24-7 going into halftime and you're just tearing up a ticket that you have every right to feel like you should have cashed. That was a horrible beat. On the right side there, a Hail Mary beats you.

That's just a miserable way to end your Saturday. Now going to Sunday, there's not a whole lot in the NFL that was a bad beat. But there was one. If you had the Indianapolis Colts plus 3, you felt pretty good. They were up early in that game. They played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pretty tough. Even when Tampa Bay is driving downfield, you figure, OK, they're going to kick a field goal. I'm going to get a push, I'll get my money back no problem.

And then Leonard Fournette busts a 28 yard run down the left sideline, scores of 20 seconds to go. They end up winning by 7. Indianapolis almost broke a kickoff return right after that. You could have won that way. That didn't happen either. So instead of getting a push on that plus 3 with Indianapolis, you end up losing. That was a pretty tough beat.

Hopefully no bad beats on Monday Night Football. We have the Seattle Seahawks at the Washington Football Team. And I'll be honest, I really don't understand this line. Washington is favored by one point. And I think it should be more. Because we have to face facts at some point. The Seattle Seahawks are just not a good football team this year. Look, it was bound to happen. Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, been on a great run for the last decade. But this is a bad team. And we can't just chalk it up to the games Russell Wilson missed. They're 2 and 5 in games he has started.

So the Seattle team has just not been good. And now they've got to go on the road, go cross country. And I just don't think this offense is going to be able to keep up. Not that Washington is a great team or great offense. But at least they can score a little bit. They've won two in a row. They seem to be getting things together. Whereas the Seahawks seem to be going the other way. Russell Wilson has not looked like himself since he came back from this finger surgery. We all know he rushed himself back to get back in the lineup. That was noble, shows his toughness, his dedication to the team. But he's not playing well.

And I don't know that he could take advantage of Washington's weakness, which is a secondary that's giving up a lot of yards and a lot of points this season. I just don't think Russ is right. I'm not sure if he's going to be right the rest of the season. There's a lot of respect showing this line to Seattle. Being only a one point underdog, I think it should be at least a field goal here. Maybe even a tick above a field goal. Just because I think Washington is playing a little bit better. They can score points with Taylor Heinicke, who's up and down. But he does have his moments.

I just don't see Seattle's offense being able to keep up with that. Russell Wilson last week, just 207 yards. He just-- nothing is really getting going. He can't find DK Metcalf, he can't find Tyler Lockett consistently. It's just going to be a slog for Seattle the rest of the season. Again, they've had a great run. It was bound to happen. Bound to have a bad season. And this bad season is finally hit with them.

Let's find a couple of prop bets for Monday Night too. And I'm going to do two of them on Antonio Gibson. One of them is Antonio Gibson over 67.5 rushing yards. He looks a lot healthier after the bye and the shin injury that really affected him before their bye week. He came back from the bye looking very good. A lot better than he had. He had 64 yards in the first game after the bye. And then last week against the Panthers he had 19 carries for 95 yards. Kind of looked like the Antonio Gibson we're used to.

So I think they're going to rely on him again, give him a lot of carries. He should easily go over that 67.5. And I'm going to go with the under on Antonio Gibson 9.5 receiving yards. You look at that number, you think, oh, he's easily going to get 10 receiving yards. But that just hasn't been the case for him in a long time. Antonio Gibson has just been phased out of the passing game. That's JD McKissic's job. Over the last two weeks combined, Gibson has two catches for 14 yards, only two targets.

And he had none last week against the Panthers. And I just see that as the way they're going to use Gibson the rest of the year. He's basically just a running back. McKissic is going to be the passing down guy. I don't think Gibson might catch any balls at all in this game. Getting the 10 yards I think is going to be a challenge for him in Monday Night Football.

So recap what we have for Monday Night Football, I have Washington minus 1. I just think this line is a little bit too low. Too much respect being shown to a Seahawks team that just hasn't been very good at all this year. Then I had the over on Antonio Gibson, 67.5 rushing yards. The under on his 9.5 receiving yards. So keep a close eye on Antonio Gibson in this game.

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