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Ali Abdelaziz talks Eagle FC 44 and if Khabib Nurmagomedov would work with Jake Paul

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Dominance MMA CEO Ali Abdelaziz says he respects Jake Paul for stepping in the ring, but isn't a fan of his antics around fights.

Video Transcript

KEVIN IOLE: I know you're in Florida. Eagle FC has a fight, and that of course, is promoted by one of your clients, Khabib Nurmagomedov. What about this show? You know, I'm a little concerned about one thing.

You know, I love Khabib as you know. You got two fighters on that show that I have concern about, Diego Sanchez and Rashad Evans. You know, they've taken a lot of punishment over their careers. But then what's the point of putting guys like that on a show, especially when it's such a big important show for Khabib?

ALI ABDELAZIZ: Listen, Diego Sanchez is the reason he left the UFC, because you know, his coach and some dramas. You know, he was still winning fights. At the end of the day, this legends need opportunities, and Khabib come in.

And it's not this many great free agent out there and big names, and Rashad is a former UFC champion and Hall of Famer. He wanted to fight. Khabib want to give him an opportunity, and it's a one fight deal.

If Rashad is going to do well, he can do whatever he wants, and if he loses, you know, we know we're here. But at the end of the day, he's a legend, and he deserves respect. Um, Diego--

KEVIN IOLE: We respect for Rashad, but he's lost so many fights and older fighter. And you know, that's the thing that concerns me. You know, do we want to do this to our-- this isn't like golf where guys can go out and golf and play until they're 80 years old. This is a fight business as we well know.

ALI ABDELAZIZ: I think you should tune in, and I think it's going to be a good fight. I think it's going to be a competitive fight. And I think he's fighting as somebody actually really good.

And I believe it's going to be an interesting fight. And listen, if Rashad loses, he got the shot he wanted. And if he wins, everybody going to jump on the bandwagon.

KEVIN IOLE: Ali, a couple more minutes. Tell us what do you think the future for Khabib's promotion? How is Khabib's going to be as a promoter?

A lot of times starfighters, you know, the Oscar De La Hoya in boxing has gotten into it. The Sugar Ray Leonard got into it years ago. You know, who wanted to do that and then they kind of lose interest after a while.

You know, Khabib seems to be a different cat. But what do you think he's going to be like as a promoter?

ALI ABDELAZIZ: This is his 44 shows. Khabib have been a promoter for almost three years. And he's doing good. He's passionate about it. He have a lot of big plans.

Heyman and my brother [INAUDIBLE] who's working day to day operational. I'm just a guy just helping outside. I'm a manager.

I'm still-- that's is how I feed my family, but also like I said, anything Khabib does, as [INAUDIBLE] does, I will do whatever I can to be involved, to reach out to my friend managers to sign. Die fighters like Kevin Lee. I reach out to him and he said, and I signed, I helped them sign it, but I didn't manage him, but I want to Kevin Lee an opportunity after he got cut. Diego Sanchez used to be my teammate, right?

I said you guys should sign. They call him, I sat down, I help them sign. I'm not the promoter, I'm still a full time manager, but I said, this is my brothers. Whatever they do, I'm going to be involved.

If they ask me to clean the cage, I'll clean it. If they ask me mop the floor I'll mop it. It's just-- I'm just loyalty. We're all different.

KEVIN IOLE: What do you think was Khabib getting at when he brought up Jake Paul and do you think there's a potential collaboration between Nekesa, Jake Paul's manager and you guys?

ALI ABDELAZIZ: Listen, Jake Paul, I don't know if you are ready to come fight some of these guys. You know, listen at the end of the day, Khabib is not into this jokes and pranks, all this kind of stuff. If you think you're real fighters, you for real, you want to come here, you're going to fight. But if you think you're going to get beat up, all the world's top fighters and somebody can wrestle and can grapple is wrong, but at the end of the day, it's a business. Jake Paul is a big star.

They say is a big star. I don't know, like, some people said he had big numbers, some people-- you know, YouTube numbers is huge. I don't really got nothing personal against him, but he just knocked out there.

It wasn't really bad. I wouldn't be involved in this, if they think you want to fight, whatever they can call Khabib directly and talk with him. But you know, I'm involved in guys who really want to fight.

You know, but I don't know if Jake Paul really want to come fight MMA. All right. I don't know if this is for the Instagram or for YouTube or for real. You might be for real, but I got a lot of respect for him, because he stepped into the ring and fighting.

But you know, I'm not a fan of a lot of those antics going on fights. I like guys who can fight real fighters.