Video: Yao Ming knows the Konami Code

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This video is longer than the ones we usually post at Ball Don't Lie, but I think this $64,000 Pyramid-styled game with Yao Ming(notes) handing clues to fellow Houston Rockets center Chuck Hayes(notes) is well worth the watch. Partially because all they do is discuss video games from the last 30 years, but most because of what happens about nine minutes and 20 seconds into this hot slice of comic gold that has me so giddy I'm mixing metaphors.

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That's right, Yao Ming knows the Konami Code. The cheat code (say it with me: "up up down down left right left right B A") you'd tap into a Konami-based Nintendo game (in this case, Contra, one of two video games I've ever successfully beaten because of both the code and because I'm awful at video games because I'm 142 years old) prior to its start in order to take in so, so many extra lives.

And Yao Ming knows it. Because, you get the feeling, he's the wisest man you're ever going to meet.

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