Video: The Wolves are really excited about coats

Minnesota gets really, really cold in the winter. During storms, I'm pretty sure it gets to be a lot like John Carpenter's version of "The Thing," just with slightly less paranoia and no mutating aliens.

In this terrible weather, it's important to have a nice coat. Kevin Love(notes) and his Wolves teammates are here to help, though, by looking into a camera and saying the word "coats" over and over again like they're in an '80s-era ad for a classy retailer like Burlington Coat Factory or Filene's Basement.

Top acting honors in this ad go to Nikola Pekovic(notes) for his Eastern European flair and Michael Beasley(notes) for his "sexy" stare into the camera. That's the look that Most Improved Player awards are made of.

Of course, we shouldn't forget that this is all for a good cause. The Wolves and the Salvation Army are holding coat drives for individuals in need. If you live in the Minnesota area, make sure to bring any qualifying coats to the Target Center or participating Comcast locations before Dec. 17. In sub-zero temperatures, people need to stay warm in order to survive. This video is fun and games, but it also could be a matter of life and death.

(Video via The Basketball Jones)

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